1. YakTribe

    Fallen Dwarves 1.0

    During the fall of Karak Eight Peaks many dwarves were trapped within the warren of tunnels beneath the city during the skaven attack. They sealed themselves in a small network of caverns and were abandoned when those from the upper halls were forced to quit Karak Eight Peaks. Living in caves...
  2. YakTribe

    Dwarf Goldhunters 1.0

    If there is one weakness in the character of the dour Dwarfs, it's their unreasoning greed for gold and treasure. There are tales of Dwarfs going completely crazy and even slaying their own friends and companions when confronted by a particularly impressive treasure hoard, such is the maddening...
  3. YakTribe

    Cursed Dwarves 1.0

    The Dwarfs built the stronghold Karak-Zorn in the Southlands upon the snow capped peaks, surrounded by the green steaming jungle. The Dwarfs in the Old World thinks that the stronghold of Karak-Zorn has been lost to attackers, they havent been heard from in centuries and no one have been able to...