1. djmothra

    Yak Comp 24 "Give me fuel, give me fire"

    "Give me that which I desire!" @Blochunx came up with a few great ideas - one of which we will def keep for a future comp! But this comp is all about making something that is obviously "Fuel Powered". Easy examples would be some kind of vehicle, but this can also extend to scenery / buildings...
  2. djmothra

    Competition Yak Comp #23 "Here Kitty, kitty"

    "Here Kitty, Kitty!" @Kommissar Shriken is back at it again and has chosen the theme for the next Yak Competition. With ForgeWorld about to release some "Pets" for your new necromunda gangs, we thought we'd have a go ourselves! Make a Pet for your gang! No minimum or Maximum base size! If...
  3. Malo

    Competition Yak Competition 22 - Bad Boys Bad Boys

    Yak Comp 22 - Bad Boys, Bad Boys Whatcha gonna do? It's villain competition time! Take one of your most nefarious evildoers and throw him into the Hive for some Necromunda treatment! Your entry should ideally encompass the original character but think about how he/she/it would exist within the...
  4. trollmeat

    The Supermen - trollmeat's Goliath competition entries some point I will come back and edit a decent pic of each into this post, but for now the titles of each section leads to their galleries Hernia and the Mancave For Yaktribe competition 14 - Neglected Youth, which had the theme of creating some kind of Juve, it took me a few days to...
  5. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 16 "Pop Culture"

    "Talk about...Pop Muzik!"* Welcome to YakTribe Competition 16 - (kind of**) chosen by @KungFuPanda after winning the last one with "Run You Rats" :D OK, here is the deal for this one - make something / Paint Something that is based or themed on Pop Culture! It could be a Movie, a Comic, a TV...
  6. djmothra

    Competition YakComp 15 "The BFG"

    Welcome to the 15th YakTribe Competition - this time chosen by @Mad Sergeant for his winning Escher Juve entry in the last competition. Now, this one could be a possible continuation of the last one - or not, it's totally up to you :) YakTribe Competition 15 "THE BFG!" (Miniature / Terrain /...
  7. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 14 "Neglected Youth"

    "Juves are often neglected, or at least low priority, when painting and modelling gangs and warbands. They are the test pieces to see if a paint scheme will work, and often have the least attention paid to them when it comes to details and finishing touches. We all know what happens when youths...
  8. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 13 - "It Came From The..."

    ...Sump, Crypt, Ash Wastes, Deep, Underhive, Woods etc. Welcome to this, the Thirteenth YakTribe Competition which is bought to us by @ClockworkOrange ! Make / Paint a Monster or some Monsters - this is our first ever dedicated monsters competition too, so we're hoping for some really...
  9. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 12 "Open Season"

    Ok, we're back after a little break for the 12th installment of the YakTribe Competition! I Know a lot of you have been waiting for this, some even been putting off starting new things to wait! As you all know, Comp 11 was won by @Casus - but as he'd won previously, we went to the second place...
  10. Bloodbaron

    Bloodbaron's Butterfly Brain

    Hey, I'm Bloodbaron and I have been playing warhammer for a number of years now, but only just got into to specialist games side of things, but you know, they're cool as hell ans I still haven't decided which game to play. Probably a homebred mix of Necro ans Ash wastes.... Anyhow, first thing...
  11. djmothra

    Competition 'Tis the Season for YakTribe Competition 11!

    The 11th YakTribe Competiton (and final one this year - more info below) is titled: Holiday Spirit aka 'tis the season to be... @Casus won the 10th competition and came up with a lot of awesome ideas (that myself, Malo and Clockwork have taken on board for the future) So, without further ado...
  12. Yakx 04

    Yakx 04

    Leader in tank? :)
  13. Yax03


    Still undecided on leader, but perhaps I can say the boss is in the tank? :D
  14. YakX leader optioins

    YakX leader optioins

    gah bleh!
  15. YakX - Genestealers?

    YakX - Genestealers?

    Perhaps a Space Marine Scout as the Leader?
  16. YakX options

    YakX options

    Decisions to make, models to destroy/poorly paint :)
  17. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 10 "Unusual Suspects"

    Welcome to YakTribe Competition 10 "Unusual Suspects" - this time chosen by @Flobojoe with "Rise & Fall - The Gangers Tale" - A very nice bit of work, utilizing the terrain to further enhance the idea. For this competition we want you to make / start a non-standard gang - minimum model count...
  18. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 9 "Triple Age of Trouble"

    Welcome to the 9th Yaktribe Competition - the 8th was won by @ClockworkOrange ( and a Plasma Ball ;) ) with the "Imperium is a Lie" This time the competition is a little different, as you can see below - due to @ClockworkOrange getting a third win, we have decided to include a '3' here too...
  19. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 00111000 (8!)

    Competition 8 is here! As chosen by the last winner @jonbo with the fantastic entry "Anamuria Marcisa of House Ulanti" Rules: Make and / or model an Artificial Construct of any type! Ideas include, but not limited to: Puppets, Robots, Servo Skulls, Servitors, Steam Powered Warriors...
  20. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 7 "House Of Cards"

    Here it is! What you've all been waiting for. Well, wait no longer! The Seventh Official Yaktribe Competition is finally upon us...the Criteria this time - chosen by @grimwork with the fantastic "Stingray" car is... A House of Cards Now, you're all thinking Terrain right? no... Build a...