1. WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 11.04.41.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 11.04.41.jpeg

    Radical Dishes Van Saar Gang
  2. In-Prog_rattus_slopper_vending.jpg


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  4. IMG_20200923_114005191.jpg


    Scavvie gang so far
  5. IMG_20200923_183741299.jpg


    My old Catachan jungle fighter conversions from when I was 14. two orlock specialists
  6. IMG_20200923_183847357.jpg


    Goliath specialist and Escher leader conversions
  7. IMG_20210914_175534.jpg


    grenade launcher conversion
  8. 3E8CFDB6-66CA-403A-82B6-61FE1EF8F798.jpeg


    Paint in progress
  9. Hit the deck!

    Hit the deck!

    Love this conversion
  10. fysc entry august 2019.jpg

    fysc entry august 2019.jpg

    * 5 Space Rats a.k.a. SKAVIES * big Necromunda buildings a.k.a. The Towers of Thousand Tonnes * 10 Spite-Revenants * 10 Dryads
  11. S

    Necromunda Goliath jives? What model?

    Hi. I was wondering if you lot have any good ideas for converting/making juves for house Goliath. - I like the AoS Khorne warriors, except for the helmet. (not sure what they are called, maybe blood reavers) - The Catachan Devils are good too, but I really dislike their headbands. Any...
  12. M

    N17 Campaign NPCs and Hangers-On WIP

    This project started out with two goals- making an Uphive Agent and a set of bystanders for Down-Town Dustup- but spiraled out of control, partly because I realized getting stub guns for WYSIWYG townies would be difficult and the Orlock arms are a bit annoying to fit to other torsos. It’ll still...
  13. dallo019

    N17 The Friary of Jade

    Hi folks, It's been over four years since I last posted on here and how things have changed. My last log was documenting my attempts to convert a plastic Escher gang out of DE models. Today is my birthday and I've got the day off work. I've spent it playing with a sprue of Cawdor gangers my...
  14. PEBB18

    N17 Reach for the stars

    So has been about two years since being away from the hobby (painting/modeling wise), but in that time have purchased Bloodbowl, N17 and Kingdom death (another great gem I have wanted for quiet some time). I struggle to paint most of the miniatures I make and tend to just kit bash mini after...
  15. Coenus Scaldingus

    N17 The Suffragette City Sisterhood - An Escher Gang

    Although I haven't really ventured into the 41st millennium before, I've had my eye on Necromunda for some time now - skirmish games requiring just a dozen models are always good fun to collect and paint. At some point, I somehow got the idea that an Escher gang heavily inspired by David Bowie...
  16. Llewy

    The Lion's Den - Llewy's miniatures thread

    **Sounding the Yak Horn** It is time finally to embark on a miniatures thread. In the past I felt, with both the Wiseman Industries terrain thread and also our ongoing Sector Zero GG campaign thread, it was too much admin! But things have quietened down on those fronts of late. In preparation...
  17. Sump stag handler “the stick”

    Sump stag handler “the stick”

    Yakcomp#23 “here kitty kitty” Comp entry
  18. Sump stag and handlers

    Sump stag and handlers

    Yakcomp#23 “here kitty kitty” Comp entry
  19. Sump stag handler “the carrot”

    Sump stag handler “the carrot”

    Yakcomp#23 “here kitty kitty” Comp entry
  20. Sump stag

    Sump stag

    Yakcomp#23 “here kitty kitty” Comp entry