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  1. R

    N18 Speed limit: Movement characteristics beyond the maximum?

    Hi all, quick question regarding the maximum characteristics - Core Rulebook Page 73: A Fighter with Movement 7" uses a Stimm-Slug Stash (+2"). Does he have 8" (because it is the maximum for the movement characteristic) or 9"? First thought: The additional movement is only temporary and not...
  2. I

    N18 CGC weapons still in the trading post?

    with the new core rule book now out a discussion has arisen in our group about CGC weapons in the trading post. One side of the coin (not my opinion) is the new book is a consolidation with all the trading post items already in it. the other side of the debate. the new core rules don't ignore...
  3. R

    N18 Underdog Mission and Whisper Brokers

    So we have an upcoming battle in the Data Purge Scenario that says that no tactics cards. Does that mean the effect of the racket Whisper Broker also doesnt work? The player doesnt get +D3 Tactics cards for the mission?
  4. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: suggestions

    Current list of suggestions for YCE. Old list is hidden in spoilers now. 2). Because of previous change, fighting 1v2 and splitting attack dice between 2 targets is resolved as 2 separate fight sequences, resolved 1 by 1. 3). Double weapons (any combination of 2 melee and sidearm weapons)...
  5. J

    N18 Grenades (or general scatter) in Sector Mechanicus (3D terrain)

    Hi guys, do you have any good house rules how to play the scatter dice on the SM (3D) board? We started to do so that you have to target a flat area (never an edge). If the area is horizontal, the scatter rules apply as usual. It the area is vertical, you also roll the scatter dice but you...
  6. JawRippa

    N18 Underhive Ruleset - when "Beta" is better than the final product?

    I was looking through my starter box ruleset and comparing it to N18 core rulebook wondering if I had a fever dream in which I was reading that you could pass through fighters in Underhive ruleset, or if it was actually true. Shockingly, Underhive ruleset is a lot more solid that what we have...