1. cardyfreak

    N17 Living trading post 2021-12-05

    The official trading post in living document format.
  2. AxeSlash

    Bug Fighting Knife cost for Cawdor = 30cr?

    Apparently adding a fighting knife to a Cawdor ganger costs 30 credits...I'm struggling to find anywhere in any rules that say that they cost any more than 15. Indeed, 30 credits seems silly - you can get a Chainsword for less than that... Unless this is this a GW mistake in GW4 (which I don't...
  3. garrapeta

    Bug bug calculating cost of Ratskin scout hireling

    I think there is a bug when calculating the money cost of a ratskin renegade hireling. Depending on where in the app you look, the cost of the hireling is right or wrong. And it is inconsistent from one place to another. To reproduce: - create a new gang, add one ratskin scout (may happen with...