1. Cultist Gangers

    Cultist Gangers

  2. Cultist Juves

    Cultist Juves

  3. wp_20200501_00_52_35_pro.jpg


    A few stragglers waiting for a proper paint job.
  4. Void Cultists

    Void Cultists

  5. Initiates of the Lost Pyramid

    Initiates of the Lost Pyramid

  6. M

    Simple Legacy Gangs + Outlanders, Proxies and Alternative Models Sheet

    So we are kicking off a new campaign at my home just outside of Washington DC and I'll be most likely running it. I'll be wanting to use as many of the other gangs as possible (Beyond what's included with the legacy gangs sheet), and like most people I can't be bothered waiting for GW to come...
  7. Anthony

    Necromunda Chaos Gang

    Anthony submitted a new resource: Chaos Gang - Simple rules for running a Chaos Gang. Read more about this resource...
  8. YakTribe

    ORB Chaos Cultist Covens 2014-03-09

    There are individuals who are drawn to worship the evil gods of Chaos eith a promise of ultimate power. Cultists are among these individuals. However, Cultists take their worship too seriously, and travel the Underhive to convert none-believers. Selling their belongings for a life if poverty...