custom gang

  1. B

    N18 Custom Gangs and how to create them

    I am having trouble with creating an outcast gang with the Custom Gang option. I seem unable to create fighters to put stats too. I can enter a name, enter how much the fighter is meant to be worth and... nothing. So I can't create the outcast leader or their champion. I could hire hired gun...
  2. RandomTerror

    N18 Special rules for a custom gang?

    Hello there fellow icrotic slime zombies! As the title says, is there a way to add custom special rules to your custom gang? I've been playing around with the customize tools aswell as the custom gangers, weapons and so on, but can't seem to find this opstion. Maybe I've missed it, but any...
  3. Donk Rackman

    Donk Rackman

    Donk Rackman - Rick Ranger
  4. Loriel

    Spyrers for N17 WIP

    Spyrers for N17 VAULT LINK: Introduction: First I started a project for Spyrers on my own, but @Graushwein and @Ikiry0 suggested that we would team up to make these rules better. Hopefully we can come up with decent rules that capture...
  5. Loriel

    Loriel's Pit Slaves for N17 WiP

    Loriel's Pit Slaves for N17 UPDATE on 21.5.2019 : I made new outlaw rules which can be found here VAULT LINK: Introduction: I have always have fondness for outlanders and...