1. Petitioner's City

    Necromunda Custom Stats and Injuries I create are present unintentionally in friend's campaigns - creating issues for all players

    I had some issues yesterday with customise in the Gang Manager; it's had some issues affecting friends and I really hope I can do custom things without them appearing in my friend's campaigns where they mess things up. @Malo, I am just being dumb here? So yesterday, I was creating custom...
  2. Glyn

    Bug Unable to add Custom Territory

    Hello fellas. Ronseal style: as it says on the tin. Can’t create custom territories Repro: - use custom territory tool - add name - use global - share to campaign - define campaign - add text - hit save Observed outcome: - white screen. Creation does not complete. Return to custom menu and see...
  3. FlatMattie

    N17 Slaying the beast 1.2

    Inspired by the epic boss fights in RPG computer games this pits 4 fighters against a vicious feral Khimerix. Can be played by up to 4 players working together or one brave gang can attempt to slay the beast alone.
  4. Spenetrator

    N17 Custom Weapons Thoughts welcome

    So I've been looking at custom weapon stats for some Mantic Forge-Fathers to use as Squat Venators in N17 - Gang stats with the prototype Burst Rifles are in the tools - under venators - 'The Grudgepact' So far I have: Burst Rifle Range: S12" L24" Modifiers: L-1 S: 4 AP: None D: 1 Ammo 6+...
  5. Xiądz

    N17 Printable Illustrated Custom Tactics Cards (Dark Uprising) 5.0

    I made a printable document with illustrated Necromunda Underhive Tactics Cards (regular ang Gang-specific) based on Magic: The Gathering card format. Print them in A4 and put in a sleeve with a spare MTG card for stiffness. For those who do not want to spend a fortune on all the cards and for...
  6. H

    N17 Customised Goliaths

    The Butchers Union 'We strike first! ' Slaine (Champion) Bernt Bernhardt (Champion) Ganger with knife v ganger with axe