dark elves

  1. Black Dragon right

    Black Dragon right

    Green stuff horns Rakarth the Beastlord on Black Dragon model
  2. Black Dragon left

    Black Dragon left

    Green stuff in grooves on Rakarth the Beastlord on Black Dragon model
  3. MedMos

    MedMos' WIP - the slowjuicer of Plogs

    So, I decided to get my own thread going. Updates will range from sporadic to non-existant, but hey, such is life.;) I am hoping to get some good feedback and advice from this awesome community, so don't hope for anything extraordinary here. There is some serious talent on this site (you all...
  4. YakTribe

    Druchii b4

    There are those who protect the forests, defending them from touch of Chaos and Man alike. There are also rumors of a fourth breed of elves - a grim race, ruthless and sadistic. They come at night in their low ships with sails of midnight-black, craving the poison that lurks within the now-ruins...