1. M

    N18 Loss of a Leader in Chaos Cults?

    I'm starting a group playing N17/18 with a Last Gang Standing campaign adopted from the compiled N17 rules (as a Turf War spinoff, the campaign variant doesn't appear in the new books). Which means a lot of folks are going to die over the course of this very short campaign. My question is this...
  2. Z

    Bug Juve Equipment

    For N17, a couple of issues I've just discovered with Juve equipment this week. First, I hired a Juve for my gang (Orlock) a few weeks ago who I initially gave a stub gun, a fighting knife, and mesh armor, and he fought with the gang for a couple of battles. Earlier this week, I had some...
  3. Anthony

    LRB Death Cult v1.0

    Rules for an outlawed death cult obsessed with passing on their consciousness beyond the grave.