1. Trollslayer and Plague Rat fighting on underhive bridge

    Trollslayer and Plague Rat fighting on underhive bridge

    Accidentally made this kinda cinematic. I did not paint the trollslayer. I do'nt know where the other trollslayer went, or where the Skaven came from. I assume some kind of fight is happening under the bridge that we can't see.
  2. Troll slayers on underhive bridge

    Troll slayers on underhive bridge

    Little genre-crossing diorama. I DID NOT PAINT THE TROLLSLAYERS. I'm not that good. Ground mat from First Strike boxed set. The bridge is actually made from that same box.
  3. The Psychiatrist

    The Psychiatrist

    One of my favorites again! From Reaper Bones (Chronoscope series). About painting him: https://mutantmodifier.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-psychiatrist.html
  4. ...and his minions

    ...and his minions

    And at last, they've come to him! The ritual has been succesful. All the small offerings, all the flues he's been infecting on his patients, all the helpful syringes for their ailments... The God of disease and decay has finally answered the Psychiatrists prayers.
  5. The Psychiatrist

    The Psychiatrist

    In the gloomy streets of the Underhive, a lonely Psychiatrist is wandering. Splashing steps of some slimy feet echo in the abandoned halls of an old refinery. The Psychiatrist picks up the pace and straightens his collar...