dominion campaign

  1. Z

    N18 ClassiC Campaign equipment options

    So, we're about to embark on a Classic Variant campaign, to break up our Succession one, and being the Arbitrator i thought i got the rulings right about what could be equipped by the gangs. But then, the latest update of Necrodamus got me thinking, am i reading it wrong? What's the meaning of...
  2. The Daily Starch Issue1.png

    The Daily Starch Issue1.png

    The Daily Starch Issue 1 - The Battle for Dunkley's Dome
  3. Ghost Division

    Ghost Division

    Starting roster
  4. RandomTerror

    N18 Corpse Farm and Fighting Pit territory interaction?

    Hello there! I've joined a campaign recently (playing Corpse Grinders) and just got my fingers in my first territoy, a beautiful Fighting Pit! This supplies me with two puny Hive Scummers each battle. My question is, if I get my fingers in a Corpse Farm next, would I get the bonus creds for...
  5. B

    N18 First time running a Campaign

    Hello Hiver’s Has anybody who has run a campaign previously provide any hints or tips for me please? I am running our first campaign in Doncaster Uk, we have been able to assemble and wrangle a few BB and 40k players together and have a dominion campaign planned out. Gang wise it’s looking like...
  6. Z

    N18 Dominion Campaign - Territory boon question

    So I'm playing a Delaque gang and the Drinking Hole special boon says: "A Delaque gang may not use the standard Boon. Instead, the player of the Delaque gang that controls this Territory may nominate three enemy fighters at the start of the battle, and places an Intoxicated marker on each...
  7. Campaign Map after 2 games.jpg

    Campaign Map after 2 games.jpg

    campaign map after the first 2 matches (Dave's Orlocks vs Joe's Escher, Dave's Orlocks vs. Gene's Delaques)
  8. Dertrend

    N18 Into the Breach - Alternate campaign system.

    Into the Breach - Necromunda Campaign A recent hive quake has uncovered a passage to a long forgotten section of the Underhive. The news of the recent discovery has led to a rush of prospectors, archaeo hunters and opportunists seeking their fortune. This section of hive is significantly...
  9. P

    N18 New Goliath for dominion campaign Hopefully here's the link for my new Goliath gang, any thoughts?
  10. S

    N18 Delaque List Feedback

    Hi guys, Here I come with a new Delaque List for a dominion's campaign, I don't think it's overpowered and it may be fun to play with (against I am not sure about that). I really want to play wysiwig before the incoming of FW weapon. Yop Lait Leader : 175 -Stiletto Knife -Flechette Pistol...
  11. Dnk_83

    N18 Needle Ways & Sentries Rule

    Right fellow yakkers, help me out here! I am playing a dominion campaign (as Delaque) and have Needle Ways so I am able to infiltrate up to two groups of three after round 1, excellent! HOWEVER, if I am the defender in a Sentries scenario what (of the below) happens: 1. I am able to infiltrate...
  12. B

    N18 Making juves fun

    While the rule compilation has worked wonders to rule consistency and fixed a lot of the issues with core mechanics in N17, campaign play still leaves a lot to be desired. Or, the Dominion Campaign comes with some good elements, but how things should actually run is simply put in the hands of...
  13. Loriel

    LANTA SECTOR I-7 [Campaign Ended]

    LANTA SECTOR I-7 Campaign has ended. Unease peace has come to LANTA SECTOR I-7 Introduction Campaign starts 12.1.2019 Campaign ends 9.3.2019 Triumphs Dominator = Buff Dudes / Van Saaremaa 5 Slaughterer = Steeler Brothers - 33 Creditor = Buff Dudes - 2415 Warmonger = Steeler Brothers - 13...
  14. Z

    Suggestion Dominion Territory Reputation

    Since most, if not all of the Dominion Campaign territories grant the owning gang Reputation as long as they control them, would it be possible to link the territories a gang controls in the campaign Manager to automatically update the territory rep into the gang rep? Since there is already a...
  15. naztek


    The various gangs of Ashgate start challenging each other for territory, while keeping the guilders on their toes.
  16. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 3 1

    This was a quick cycle due to there being only 3 remaining territories to claim. 3 Decisive fights later and the downtime cycle begun, but almost all the gangs participated in a multiplayer special side battle.
  17. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 2 2

    In the second cycle of this Dominion campaign, territorial skirmishes got violent. Many fighters died for their gangs and the rogue docs were kept busy. One gang in particular, kept their momentum going and rose to a clear vantage of dominance. There are only 3 territories still to claim in what...
  18. M

    Maps Needed

    Dear All Yak Users I'm running a dominion campaign and for the narrative i would really like to get a map going my Photoshop skills are very badly lacking. The only one I've found is the creator did say free for use which is great of him but we got completely different territories I was...
  19. D

    N17 Battle Report - Dominion Campaign 1.0

    This is indended to be printed out and kept at hand when going out to play a game for our ongoing Dominion campaign. I figured out it might help others, too! Sources available for anyone interested. Feedback welcome: this is a first draft that will probably need to be refined. Later might...
  20. M

    House Favours in Dominion Campaign for Genestealer cults

    I have a question that we got yesterday at our gaming club. We're playing dominion campaign and also with the house favours rules. So, in the new official genestealer cult gang rules from GW; "Settlement Territories do not generate Juves; instead, if one of the D6 rolls is a 6, they generate a...