1. M

    N18 Starter/Dominion Goliath Gang

    I am brand new to Necromunda, but am potentially going to take part in a Dominion campaign shortly. I have chosen Goliath as my gang of choice due to the "rule of cool"! I am currently in the process of modeling up and deciding upon a starting gang. As such, not having played a single game of...
  2. S

    N18 Delaque List Feedback

    Hi guys, Here I come with a new Delaque List for a dominion's campaign, I don't think it's overpowered and it may be fun to play with (against I am not sure about that). I really want to play wysiwig before the incoming of FW weapon. Yop Lait Leader : 175 -Stiletto Knife -Flechette Pistol...
  3. K

    N18 sabotage dominion

    hello, there is no turf in the dominion campaign so how sabotage works ? the territories is destroy on a 6 ?
  4. G

    N18 Bounty Hunters in Dominion

    So, We were trying to find ways to make bounty hunters more viable in a Dominion Campaign without having them over powered. I think we figured it out. Bounty hunters, the first time you buy them cost the price of their gear on top of the 80 credits base price. if i bounty hunter ditches the...
  5. Loriel

    LANTA SECTOR I-7 [Campaign Ended]

    LANTA SECTOR I-7 Campaign has ended. Unease peace has come to LANTA SECTOR I-7 Introduction Campaign starts 12.1.2019 Campaign ends 9.3.2019 Triumphs Dominator = Buff Dudes / Van Saaremaa 5 Slaughterer = Steeler Brothers - 33 Creditor = Buff Dudes - 2415 Warmonger = Steeler Brothers - 13...
  6. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 1 1

    It was the busiest campaign start I've been a part of with 7 games played over the first week. All players are keen still and are eager for Cycle 2.
  7. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 0 1

    Season 1 of my Ashgate campaign fizzled out near the end as one gang catapulted ahead while life got in the way for other players. But I've got the band back together again, and we are keen to try something new. A Dominion campaign is on the horizon and I think the guilders of Ashgate are a...
  8. P

    Question New Campaign system in GW4

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you have any plans regarding the new campaign system found in GW4 and the options for the tools here on yaktribe? To be specific, the following is currently unsupported: - Calculating and displaying wealth for each gang (rating + stash value + cash) - A new...