1. B

    N18 Orlocks Downtime

    Howdy! I am wondering what to do with my round 4 Orlock gang. I am about to do my 4th fight and then have downtime. I have 9 fighters in my gang with about half of them kitted for melee and some shooting and the other half kitted for shooting. I don't think I want a heavy weapon do to the cost...
  2. Malo

    Forum upgrade tonight March 19th

    There will be a significant upgrade tonight for the forum systems which I'll be performing around 20:00 EST tonight. The forums and login systems will be disabled during the upgrades which as long as everything goes well shouldn't take more than an hour or so. There may be some layout issues and...
  3. Malo

    Possible extensive downtime (completed)

    In the process of shifting to MariaDB I will be moving servers within the same hosting company. This is going to result in some downtime and during that time I will be locking the forum and Yak systems from any changes. There may be little warning when I do so as it's tricky to schedule this...
  4. Malo

    Forum software upgrade

    I'm starting a forum upgrade that may cause some minor display or functionality issues until they're resolved. During the first stage of the upgrade the forum will automatically be closed but should be available as I implement the other changes. Advise if anything seems weird after tonight.
  5. Malo

    YakTribe system updates and downtime

    YakTribe Gaming systems will be going down for several updates tomorrow night, Friday 14th August after midnight GMT (around then). All registrations and login will be disabled and the Necromunda tools will not be functioning during this update which may take 4-5 hours. There are several...
  6. Malo

    ** Yakromunda Migration Thursday Night 6th March **

    ANNOUNCEMENT Yakromunda will be migrated to YakTribe Gaming on Thursday Night EST 6th March. During the migration period the Yakromunda tools and forums will not be available. Expected downtime will be 24-48 hours. If you wish to communicate with me during this period or keep up with the...