1. Troll slayers on underhive bridge

    Troll slayers on underhive bridge

    Little genre-crossing diorama. I DID NOT PAINT THE TROLLSLAYERS. I'm not that good. Ground mat from First Strike boxed set. The bridge is actually made from that same box.
  2. Hi ho squats

    Hi ho squats

    Necromunda squats! 5 of them.
  3. M

    Squat Gang - WIP

    It was suggested to me that I should post some squat pics here, enjoy. Finishing off with a ratling sniper (leveled up juve)
  4. YakTribe

    Fallen Dwarves 1.0

    During the fall of Karak Eight Peaks many dwarves were trapped within the warren of tunnels beneath the city during the skaven attack. They sealed themselves in a small network of caverns and were abandoned when those from the upper halls were forced to quit Karak Eight Peaks. Living in caves...
  5. YakTribe

    Dwarf Goldhunters 1.0

    If there is one weakness in the character of the dour Dwarfs, it's their unreasoning greed for gold and treasure. There are tales of Dwarfs going completely crazy and even slaying their own friends and companions when confronted by a particularly impressive treasure hoard, such is the maddening...
  6. YakTribe

    Cursed Dwarves 1.0

    The Dwarfs built the stronghold Karak-Zorn in the Southlands upon the snow capped peaks, surrounded by the green steaming jungle. The Dwarfs in the Old World thinks that the stronghold of Karak-Zorn has been lost to attackers, they havent been heard from in centuries and no one have been able to...
  7. Fold

    NCE Squat Mining Gangs In Necromunda 1.0

    Based loosely on the original "Hi Ho Squat Mining Gangs" article from Games Workshop, but with the worst excesses of that ruleset toned down. The Squat Mining Gang is a relatively elite gang (basic gangers cost 60 creds) and a slow moving but implacable foe; every model has M3, but with Nerves...
  8. Shadowbadger

    NCE Grymn (Space Dwarves) 0.3

    Draft house rules for Space Dwarves. The models I intend to use are Hasslefree Grymn which will also need slightly elevated scenic bases to make them a tad taller. I have an extended, partially reviewed copy to add after discussion with friends. Once this is approved.
  9. YakTribe

    ORB Hi Ho Squat Miner Gangs 2014-03-09

    In the wastelands, the slag heaps, rad zones, ruins and the like, freelance Squat miners set up operations and scrape a living out of the unforgiving landscape, looking for that one big strike. Some Miners come to the hive world Outlands voluntarily whilst some come to hide from the unforgiving...