eldar corsairs

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    WiP delaque proxy
  2. Maugan Ra

    Maugan Ra

    WiP for Delaque proxy gang
  3. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Eldar Fleet Lists 2019-02-23

    I guess I should probably put up a list for the Knife-eared space rats. So here it is. Eldar Corsair Lists! Dark Eldar List! Craftworld Eldar List! Crit Tables and Refits. All in one place. Because even Eldar deserve Fleet List Love...probably...
  4. Insurgent


    The premise is simple, Void pirates buy Pirate Slaves in recruitment and then sell them in the next post battle phase for a profit. Selling Gang members into slavery is already an established practice and we all agree that the going rate is D6x5. (There must be some evil gang selling free...