1. Enforcer specialist

    Enforcer specialist

    Mad Robot miniature, primed and ready for duty, erh paint!
  2. A

    Vimes head and Female Orlock

    Does anyone have any ideas where I could get a suitable head to make an enforcer version of Samuel Vimes from Discworld? Also does anyone have any recommendations for converting female orlocks?
  3. Scavvy and enforcer

    Scavvy and enforcer

    For yakcomp#41
  4. Predator and prey

    Predator and prey

    But who is who?
  5. Enforcer and prey, yakcomp#41 WIP

    Enforcer and prey, yakcomp#41 WIP

    Enforcer ready for primer, prey just needs a gun...
  6. Handler and dog YC#41

    Handler and dog YC#41

    Starting bits for yakcomp #41 "Beastmaster".
  7. V

    N18 Enforcer 1000c starter

    Hi all, Starting necromunda for the first time soon and looking for a bit of review/advice about my beginning loadout. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/print/cards/238741?i=0&r=0 I suspect the combat captain is a little suboptimal but like the idea of using the 3+ WS and having him a bit more...
  8. raven-guard-scout.jpg


    To use with my Enforcer Unit (converted from scouts)
  9. Enforcer, back

    Enforcer, back

    Prototype for an NCE Enforcer squad
  10. Enforcer, front

    Enforcer, front

    Prototype for an NCE Enforcer squad
  11. Enforcer, primed

    Enforcer, primed

    First Enforcer model, Mad Robot miniature
  12. DB918ABE-A53C-4638-BCF5-376FF66B8265.jpeg


  13. 95D083B7-974C-48DF-BF01-EC5453ACBC19.jpeg


  14. 828A2B79-2A3D-4408-82F2-11256DCBD662.jpeg


  15. 781EF081-AE25-42DD-9EB7-6C5C9DABE8DA.jpeg


  16. 377EBD4D-3932-49D5-9115-E892C77CB8AC.jpeg


  17. 11404787-A1F6-446F-9403-3FCA5AFE57A8.jpeg


  18. EE78CFE3-BF59-4FD0-852B-74FBF0729FA2.jpeg


  19. execution chamber @artistsempire paintover.jpg

    execution chamber @artistsempire paintover.jpg

    "End of the Line Law Breaker! "Execution chamber made using bits from Modufab Kickstarter - paintover by the fabulous Artistsempire - @artistsempire on instagram
  20. exectution chamber.jpg

    exectution chamber.jpg

    "End of the Line Law Breaker! "Execution chamber made using bits from Modufab Kickstarter