1. Klomster

    Kustom gun 1

    You always wanted a snazzy ded killy gun. This might be it. No way of knowing, this is a fully randomized shooty bit that your warrior... somehow.... got hold of.
  2. Klomster

    Klomstaz Gubbinz 1

    This addition adds Chaindrive choppas, Chukkaz, Deffrollaz and Mega Armour. All of which can be gotten for a reasonable price. Usually a lot of teef.
  3. Klomster

    Ork Wurrrd 1

    When enough orks gather in a single place, some of them become powerful psykers known as weirdboyz. GorkaMorka however don't have enough orks for this but still have orks with psychic potential. These fonts of waaaagh energy are known as Wurrrdz, and are unpredictable to say the least. This...
  4. W

    Bug Hired Guns missing equipment options

    Noticed today that Hive Scum cannot take grenades when being hired. Also, Bounty Hunters can't the Armoured Undersuits which they should be able to buy.
  5. cardyfreak

    N17 Living trading post 2021-12-05

    The official trading post in living document format.
  6. L

    N18 Meat Price!

    Hello everyone we are playing Dark Uprising, can anyone tell me if the meat is available at the marketplace and at what price? Thank you
  7. G

    N18 custom equipment

    so im trying to make a custom gang on the customizer i have done weapons but can figure out how to make custom armor and equipment.
  8. M

    Bug Hanger-On weapons

    I’m trying to add the gear for my Dome Runner and while the choice of pistol went fine, when I try to give him an axe, the menu of close combat weapons is all options for Brutes (Zerker fists, chemical breath, arc welders, etc):
  9. S

    N18 Are Dum Dum rounds an additional profile?

    If you take Dum Dum rounds for a sub gun, do you choose which you are firing (like a shotgun) or do they replace the normal subs gun ammo? Also, can you take Dum Dum rounds for the combi plasma/stub? Snoop
  10. makinote

    Can a fresh Van Saar ganger recruit equip armour?

    Hi there So the question is, can a newly recruited Van Saar ganger be equipped with Flak or Mesh armour? See this for reference Thx :)
  11. Z

    Bug Juve Equipment

    For N17, a couple of issues I've just discovered with Juve equipment this week. First, I hired a Juve for my gang (Orlock) a few weeks ago who I initially gave a stub gun, a fighting knife, and mesh armor, and he fought with the gang for a couple of battles. Earlier this week, I had some...
  12. SirFrog

    Removing vs retiring fighters

    A few things came up at the start of the last cycle, where the lead player rolled snake eyes on the house favours. The House Favour table result of 2 states that the player must select one of their Juves or Gangers and remove them from the gang. The question is if the removed fighter leaves...
  13. J

    Long Rifle

    Hi, I am pretty new to this but COMPLETELY in love with Necromunda. My friend and I are planning a narrative campaign where his venator gang chases gang leaders across the Underhive. I am planning on preordering the Cawdor Gang tomorrow, but I have a point of frustration: The preview articles...
  14. J

    Bug GSC: Acolyte cult icon

    Hello, Although it is unlisted in the white dwarf entry it seems that genestealer cult Acolytes should have access to the Equipment list, as one item of the equipment list may only be purchased for an acolyte (0-1 Cult Icon), as well as Acolyte models having extra arms on the models. Your...
  15. S

    Confusion about Yaktribe and Equipment

    Hi there, I'm new to Necromunda, and I'm quite confused about the Gang Editor. On the Mainpage, there are multiple Options, like this: Restrict Equipment Default ON (ON) If this setting is ON, YakTribe will only show equipment that is valid for the ganger type you are editing. You may need to...