1. VV.jpg


    My Escher Gang, the Violet Void, beginning their (and my!) first campaign
  2. M

    N18 Making tactics card decks for core Gangs + enforcers

    I'm trying to be the entry point for anyone who wishes to play Necromunda in my area. And it's also kind of a personal pet project/dream of mine to have. So I bought all 6 gangs and there special units boxes, along with a healthy amount of enforcers (1-Escher, 2-Orlock, 3-Van saar, 4-Cawdor...
  3. S

    N18 Need clarification on the Scrag tactics card.

    The Scrag card states that "Enemy Fighters must take a Nerve test within 9 inches rather than 3 inches". Which is simple, I get it, but the second sentence has me, "In addition, subtract 2 from the result of any Nerve tests made for fighters within 3 inches". Does this mean both gangs get the...
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  5. escher.png


    stalkerminsky painted this wonderful Escher Lady
  6. venator gang with escher Ai Art

    venator gang with escher Ai Art

    Venator Gang in tunnels with Escher
  7. Escher Gang Ai Art

    Escher Gang Ai Art

    Escher Gangers in the Market
  8. Wide shot of Escher Ai Art

    Wide shot of Escher Ai Art

    Escher gang posing
  9. Wild gangers Ai Art

    Wild gangers Ai Art

    Escher Gang on lookout
  10. Juve Hang Out Ai Art

    Juve Hang Out Ai Art

    Juves Hanging out in a tunnel
  11. Chakera Ingram

    Chakera Ingram

    Sister Specialist
  12. Babokach Gang, Escher, House Of Blades

    Babokach Gang, Escher, House Of Blades

    The Most Strong Girls Ever!
  13. Sarah Lewis

    Sarah Lewis

  14. Daniella Melo

    Daniella Melo

    Wyld Runner
  15. Anna Pardzhiani

    Anna Pardzhiani

    Little sister
  16. Amanda Lawrence

    Amanda Lawrence

    Death Maiden Escher champion
  17. Hunter Henderson

    Hunter Henderson

    Queen of The Gang. The strongest maid ever!
  18. Necrana


  19. IMG_20231106_214201.jpg


    After 1,5 year I finished my girls.
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    N18 Escher hotshot/projectors from campaign start

    Hi, I play a lot of campaigns that last around six games, then end. We meet up, play for a couple of days, then all go home with the intention of continuining the campaign, but life gets in the way. With that in mind, I have made a starting list that maxes out Escher gangers' shooting...