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  2. Escher Gang First Typhoon

    Escher Gang First Typhoon

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  4. Syliva Harriot.jpg

    Syliva Harriot.jpg

    Sylvia Harriot / Barely Legals / Ganger
  5. Ms Hernani Violet.jpg

    Ms Hernani Violet.jpg

    Ms. Hernani Violet / Barely Legals / Juve
  6. Trinity Lannister.jpg

    Trinity Lannister.jpg

    Trinity Lannister / Ganger / Barely Legals
  7. Burstii Sunflower.jpg

    Burstii Sunflower.jpg

    Burstii Sunflower / Barely Legals / Ganger
  8. Toxxa Fania.jpg

    Toxxa Fania.jpg

    Toxxa Fannia / Champion / Barely Legals
  9. Bianca Bellringer.jpg

    Bianca Bellringer.jpg

    Bianca Bellringer / Leader / The Barely Legals
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  11. L

    N18 New to game struggling with Escher Roster

    Hi, I'm brand new to the game and have been invited into a campaign with 7 other neebies. I'm struggling a little with my Escher starting roster. So far i've come up with the following. Any tips or advice would be amazing! Thanks
  12. escher_nurse_inprog1.jpg


  13. Acidfall Avengers.jpg

    Acidfall Avengers.jpg

  14. N

    N18 Escher Ash Wastes Starting List - Feedback Appreciated!

    Hello all - wanted to know what you thought of this list for an Ash Wastes campaign that starts next week. I'll be facing off against Ash Waste Nomads, Cawdor, Orlock, Palanite Enforcers, and Corpse Grinders. I know a few people are running one beefy heavy vehicle so there will be some...
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    307954918_6292199527460915_1001454472128132764_n (1).jpg

    Moto Moxes, the mobile segment of the Marauding Moxes gang...
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    Moto Moxes, the mobile segment of the Marauding Moxes gang...
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    Moto Moxes, the mobile segment of the Marauding Moxes gang...
  18. 307114535_6292199570794244_4028133150253395579_n.jpg


    Moto Moxes, the mobile segment of the Marauding Moxes gang...
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    The Iron Maidens
  20. K

    N18 Yet another Escher gang build question

    So I will be starting new campaign with Escher Gang, it will be a mix outlands with a mix of ash wastes. Other gangs are squats, nomads, van saar and cawdor probably. Based on previous experience, mainly that escher ganger without hotshot is basically trash, they are easily routed once bottle...