1. Chakera Ingram

    Chakera Ingram

    Sister Specialist
  2. Babokach Gang, Escher, House Of Blades

    Babokach Gang, Escher, House Of Blades

    The Most Strong Girls Ever!
  3. Sarah Lewis

    Sarah Lewis

  4. Daniella Melo

    Daniella Melo

    Wyld Runner
  5. Anna Pardzhiani

    Anna Pardzhiani

    Little sister
  6. Amanda Lawrence

    Amanda Lawrence

    Death Maiden Escher champion
  7. Hunter Henderson

    Hunter Henderson

    Queen of The Gang. The strongest maid ever!
  8. Necrana


  9. IMG_20231106_214201.jpg


    After 1,5 year I finished my girls.
  10. M

    N18 Escher hotshot/projectors from campaign start

    Hi, I play a lot of campaigns that last around six games, then end. We meet up, play for a couple of days, then all go home with the intention of continuining the campaign, but life gets in the way. With that in mind, I have made a starting list that maxes out Escher gangers' shooting...
  11. Loreyn Escher Queen.jpg

    Loreyn Escher Queen.jpg

    Loreyn Escher Queen
  12. Alobar

    N18 Escher gang in the ash wastes. starting vehicle options

    hey dudes have got a campaign coming up, ash wastes, 1000 creds. my plan is a single heavy vehicle with a flat bed, and 7 fighters who can all fit on board. no extra guns or anything else on the vehicle. no other upgrades nor orher vehicles. the cutters are ace but expensive and...
  13. PXL_20230826_214418027.PORTRAIT.jpg


    Queen's got a new sword a la Vampyre Lord
  14. VH_Gang.jpg


    The gang posing of the Venomwing Harpies slightly modified
  15. IMG_20230730_105334[1].jpg


    Venomwing Harpies posing for the cam
  16. IMG_20230730_105334[1].jpg


    The Venomwing Harpies posing for the cam 3
  17. IMG_20230730_105331[1].jpg


    The Venomwing Harpies posing for the cam 2
  18. IMG_20230730_105318[1].jpg


    The Venomwing Harpies posing for the cam 1
  19. IMG20230706204031.jpg


  20. IMG20230706204019.jpg