1. Deacon


    Diakonin Eloise joined Patrizia's crusade against the unclean, taking the vow of penitence as once did her beloved Mother Superior. She now has a personal vendetta against Fraggenstein, Forge Tyrant of the Goliath crew the Bullkroks, as they both seek a glorious death at the hands of an enemy.
  2. Deacon rear

    Deacon rear

  3. AxeSlash

    Redemptionist Weapons in N17

    The Eviscerator and Exterminator currently have no rules, but I'm buggered if I'm waiting for GW to bring out some proper Redemptionist rules, so for the meantime I'll playing them as Cawdor... For Exterminators, I'm thinking the same stats as a Flamer, but with the Single Shot trait...