1. YakTribe

    Druchii b4

    There are those who protect the forests, defending them from touch of Chaos and Man alike. There are also rumors of a fourth breed of elves - a grim race, ruthless and sadistic. They come at night in their low ships with sails of midnight-black, craving the poison that lurks within the now-ruins...
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    Disciples of Maldred 1.0

    When Duke Maldred embarked on the grail quest he returned in an unusually short time. Even more amazing than this was the fact that he claimed to have brought back the actual chalice of the Lady of the Lake. He claimed that this was a portent of his kingship. Many knights came to Mousillon to...
  3. YakTribe

    Cursed Dwarves 1.0

    The Dwarfs built the stronghold Karak-Zorn in the Southlands upon the snow capped peaks, surrounded by the green steaming jungle. The Dwarfs in the Old World thinks that the stronghold of Karak-Zorn has been lost to attackers, they havent been heard from in centuries and no one have been able to...
  4. YakTribe

    Cultists of the Horned Rat 1.0

    The Horned Rat is not worshipped by humans alone and a few, very deranged, humans worship him in the belief that by being good servants they will be spared when he claim the world. They live their ordinary lives and meet in the sewers once a month or so for rituals and guidance from a Skaven...
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    Core Warbands Fixed 1.0

    Community fixes including costs, skill changes, rule changes for the following Warbands: Mercenaries Witch Hunters Sisters of Sigmar Undead Cult of the Possessed Skaven Clan Eshin
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    Circus Extraordinaire 1.0

    As the Carnival of Chaos suggests, towns throughout the world are often delighted by the presence of a travelling circus. Unfortunately, not every travelling troupe finds themselves able to support themselves on entertainment skills alone. Many end up venturing into the ruins of Mordheim to...
  7. YakTribe

    Chaos Dwarfs 1.0

    Few scholars know how exactly these Dwarfs came to be the evil and twisted creatures of Chaos they are now. A long and slow warping process has changed them forever. Sundered from others of their kind, trapped in underground holds on the ash-choked Plain of Zharr, darkness swept over them. From...
  8. YakTribe

    Chaos Dwarf Slaver Warband 1.0

    The black mines and factories of the Chaos Dwarf Empire require an ever growing population of slaves. The livespan of a slave in the mines around the Tower of Gorgoth or in the factories of the Plain of Zharr is not long -- they are worked literally to death. Thus, every day the Chaos Dwarf...
  9. YakTribe

    Chaos Beastmen 1.0

    The Beastmen are part man, part beast and the children of Chaos itself. Beastmen are savage fighters who combine the ferocity and strength of a wild animal with the human intellect. They are armed with a variety of stolen and crude weapons, where the strongest carry the best weapons. They often...
  10. YakTribe

    Bretonnian Knights Retinue 1.0

    According to the ancient custom which is still followed in Bretonnia, anyone who desired the honour and privilege of knighthood must first prove himself worthy of the position by accomplishing a perilous task. Traditionally the errand of knighthood is chosen by the fairest maiden in the village...
  11. YakTribe

    Bretonnian Knights Errant 1.0

    According to the ancient custom, which is still followed in Bretonnia, anyone who desired the honour and privilege of knighthood must first prove himself worthy by accomplishing a perilous task. Traditionally the errand of knighthood is chosen by the fairest maiden in the village, and is often...
  12. YakTribe

    Bretonnian Brigands 1.0

    Portrayed in peasant songs as dashing defenders of the low against the abuses of the high, the reality of the bands of brigands that infest the forests of Brettonia is a lot less proasic. Cutthroat, brigand, poacher, fugitive - all find refuge in the wild woods. They belong to those who have...
  13. YakTribe

    Blood Dragons 1.0

    The Vampires dwelling in Bretonnia are mostly of the clan of Abhorash, the reclusive father of the Blood Dragons. In the cursed city of Mousillon the Blood Dragons are primarily the progeny of the infamous Red Duke of Aquitaine. Having been vanquished at the battle of Ceren Fields the Duke plots...
  14. YakTribe

    Black Orcs 1.1

    An alternative version of the Black Orcs by Daniel 'DJ' Wyre. Black Orc Boss Black Orc Bug 'Uns Black Orc Boys Orc Boys Troll
  15. YakTribe

    Battle Monks of Cathan 1.0

    In times of strife frontiers are defended by the community. Local militia comprises of the strongest young men, supporting trained soldiers of the Emperor’s Guard. An authorized emissary from Weijin is appointed by Imperial decree to govern each border district. The military view warrior monks...
  16. YakTribe

    Hochland Bandits 1.0

    Many young men of meager means and wild imaginations dream of forging their own empire out of the wilderness. Some actually take steps to make their dreams reality, and gather a group of men together to seek their fortunes. Unfortunately reality often overtakes these small adventuring bands, and...
  17. YakTribe

    Assassin Squad 1.5

    The Skaven always have used the Eshin clan as ultimate control instrument. But even those killers have specialists. After several missions certain Skaven are selected to operate in secret groups. The groups are called the hand of 13, though more often are just referred to as Assassin Squads...
  18. YakTribe

    Arabyan Thieves 1.0

    Thieving is Araby is harsh. The quick and lucky survive and the rest suffer the harsh penalties of being a thief. Often thieves create guilds to ban together and increase the chance they may not be caught. Powerful guild often pay off the police force to insure that they are not caught but...
  19. YakTribe

    Arabyan Nomads 1.0

    Nomads roam the desert searching for water and goods. Every now and than they go searching in tombs to aid thier tribes and earn extra income. They are masters at desert survival and are a force to reckon with.
  20. YakTribe

    Amazons III

    Amazons are physically identical to Old Worlders, despite coming from an equatorial jungle region where the only other humans are dark skinned pygmies. The Amazons population is all female, but with a substantial slave population of both male and females. Whether as a result of long forgotten...