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  2. Stoof

    N17 Necromunda Official FAQ - December 2019 2

    Official Specialist Games FAQ released 12th December 2019, originally available direct from GW here. No YakTribe ownership claimed implied.
  3. I

    N18 New FAQ and errata

    Afternoon gents, first post so please delete if in wrong area or not following guidelines but I've just seen that GW has released a new FAQ and errata for necromunda, I did check if anyone else had posted about it but couldn't see any. I'm at work so haven't had a full look yet but what I did...
  4. J

    All alone in the underdark (help with friends)

    Hi! New-ish user, been using the amazing tools here to run a campaign and need a little help. How do I add a friend? Been trying with no luck to add a pal into the game, and I cannot work out how to add him as a friend, or add him to the game. I created a guild and invited him, but he can't...
  5. M

    N18 Specialist Games email address?

    This is an incredibly silly, basic question, but...where on earth is the Specialist Games email address for rules questions that various people on the forums have been mentioning? I sent in a short list to Forge World's email address, and was given the following list, which notably doesn't have...
  6. Thorgor

    N18 New post-compendium official FAQ

    There is a new FAQ in town lads, it was quick! And it even has designer's notes! (original WHC article) Confirms that: they intentionally removed the Brute Cleaver accuracy bonus the Blunderbuss profiles should have the Template trait Fearsome is only checked if the charging fighter roll...
  7. Thorgor

    List of questions for a future FAQ update

    I've started compiling a list of questions that still need an official answer. I think it's best to start a new thread for this since the goal is different from the existing FAQ sticky thread (I just want to list all the questions, big and small, so that they can be sent to GW in a single...
  8. Cpt. Boriel

    FAQ posted

  9. Kairae

    Click + Limited Ammo

    How does Click + Limited interact? Limited Ammo states: "If a weapon fails an Ammo check while using limited ammo, they have run out – that ammo type is deleted from their fighter card, and cannot be used again until more of that special ammo is purchased from the Trading Post." Click states...
  10. Malo

    Necromunda 2017 FAQ

    This will be a work-in-progress collating various questions & answers to clarify the inevitable vagaries of rules in Neomunda. Though replying will be open, eventually replies will be purged to keep this thread focused and promote discussion of rules elsewhere. Entries will also find their way...
  11. D

    deleted this 2018-07-28

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