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  1. R

    N18 Speed limit: Movement characteristics beyond the maximum?

    Hi all, quick question regarding the maximum characteristics - Core Rulebook Page 73: A Fighter with Movement 7" uses a Stimm-Slug Stash (+2"). Does he have 8" (because it is the maximum for the movement characteristic) or 9"? First thought: The additional movement is only temporary and not...
  2. John Compton

    N17 Blank Fighter Card (3x5 Index Card Printing) 1.1.0

    Simple Blank Fighter Cards for easy printing on 3x5 Index Cards. I felt it was a good idea to create some cards that could be easily printed without cutting. Looking for sleeves? There are many plastic sleeves for 3x5 cards that could be used. Not endorsements, just a few examples: Thin...
  3. enyoss

    Question Alternate fighter loadouts

    Hi, Apologies if this is a duplicate topic - feel free to delete if so. But is there a functionality or workaround to add multiple fighter cards to the Yak gang roster? I was thinking of building a duplicate fighter and then manually editing their cost to zero so it doesn't add to GR, but it...
  4. Z

    Suggestion Armor saves on cards

    Would it be possible to add the Armor save in parenthesis next to Armor in the Wargear section on the Fighter Cards? That would be very useful "at-a-glance" info during a game.
  5. Z

    Bug Fighter Card Weapon Traits

    So, this is not a huge deal, just annoying, but when I print out my fighter cards (N17), if any of the weapons have more than one or two (short) weapon traits, instead of wrapping & creating another line, everything beyond the margin just gets cut off. Would it be possible to fix this so that...
  6. MusingWarboss

    Shadow War: Armageddon Fighter Cards.

    Hello! I've updated my resource in the Vault for my Fighter Cards. For those that don't know I was quite taken with the cards that came in Necromunda: Underhive (N17) and in many way prefer them to a bit of tatty A4 paper after a while. Overview: So I thought I'd come up with my own version...
  7. MusingWarboss

    SW:A Fighter Cards 2.5

    Shadow War: Armageddon Fighter Cards. Some cards to record your fighters stats and weapons, skills and equipment on, in the same manner as N17's Fighter Cards. These ones have been tailored for SW:A and include the correct statline, 40k 2nd style weapon line and three boxes to mark 'Mission...
  8. MusingWarboss

    Fighter Cards

    So we have blank Fighter Cards in the Necromunda Underhive box, plus the ones in the extra cards packs. As of yet GW haven’t released any spares. Given the fact that they’ll be releasing more gangs in future those boxed blanks won’t last long. So, bar the printable ones now added to the...