1. Lord_Ikka

    Ikka's junkyard

    Hello all. This will be an attempt to catalogue some of my various painting work across various games/themes. A little background on me- I'm Ikka, or Lord_Ikka, Lord Ikka, or Hey You! in various forums and games and whatnot. I've been a wargamer for about 25 years, since 3rd edition of 40k...
  2. Galtarr

    N18 Genestealers(Tyranids) and Chaos

    Firstly apologies if this is wider 40K fluff question not just Necromunda. Anyway, a line of thought got triggered by someone asking if a gang could be corrupted by both chaos and GSC. To which the N17 rules don't really have an answer but I'd lean against as an arbitrator. Anyway, it got me...
  3. Ptrix

    Redemptionist Thread

    I'm looking for some fluff on the Redenptionists, does anyone know where I can find it online, or elsewhere?
  4. The Duke

    Are Delaques "the baddies"?

    It occurred to me a number of weeks ago that maybe, just maybe....perhaps, possibly House Delaque are...: 'the baddies' In a moment of clarity during a game.... (as per the link below) Anyone else wanna weigh-in on this?....: it came as quite a shock to me as a die-hard Delaque player for...
  5. Wildmane

    Echoes from the wastes

    Hi there ! Short time lurker 'round here, i'm a bit more active on ammobunker (not recently thought) were I slowly shows progress on a Rogue Trader warband (and regiment, and a Spaceship, and a Military Band...)). Well I always been tempted with creating a gang for Necromunda / Inquisimunda...
  6. Insurgent

    Inquisimunda fluff lacking

    I just want to say that I'm totally impressed with the rules and diversity presented in the Inquisimunda book. It is the most exciting thing I have seen come out of the 40k setting in 15 years. The number of factions detailed in Inquisimunda are something I have been dreaming about for years and...
  7. WJC1987

    Mordheim fluff with LAGNOGG and WHGG

    A thread to write down battle reports and general fluff from the Mordheim campaign currently underway.
  8. draakeragon


    The outlanders obviously aren't going to be with the house gangs in the lower hive. But do some of them still live in the unserdark with the mutants or do they live outside of the hive like the scavvies and the ash waste Nomads? I could imagine that a chaos cult would be in the deepest darkest...