1. Forward Assist

    Wanted: FW Arvus Lighter

    Anyone got a FW Arvus Lighter (for 40k, not Aeronautica Imperialis! 😂) they want to get shot of?
  2. N

    N18 Starting Goliath: forgeworld?

    Hello Everyone, My gaming group is starting a Necromunda campaign using the new rules, and I'm thinking about starting a Goliath gang. Mainly because I like the Sumpkroc from forgeworld, and the gang seems like a nice change of pace from my shooty guardsmen in 40k. Now I was thinking that...
  3. Eyros Slagmyst back

    Eyros Slagmyst back

  4. cardyfreak

    N17 Van Saar Forgeworld kits revealed

    Van Saar Forgeworld upgrade kits are up!
  5. S

    Necromunda GSC forgeworld bits?

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of love Necromunda GSC are getting from GW. They seem popular with players so I’m wondering if it’s only a matter of time before we see some extra bits for Acolytes and Hybrids. Some of the combinations now possible with the updated list do require...
  6. Ardavion

    Forge world special offer of the week Jan 2018 - clarification needed

    Last month FW had a special offer every week where if you spent £## you got a big mini, like a titan or a tank. I spent over £150 on one FW order last month, using the free delivery code from last year; were there any caveats to the offer that meant I wouldn't get a big tank or similar from my...