1. Silent Tower, detail

    Silent Tower, detail

  2. Silent Tower, detail

    Silent Tower, detail

  3. Silent Tower

    Silent Tower

  4. Silent Tower

    Silent Tower

  5. Victrix - North Star

    Victrix - North Star

    Comparison of size difference between viking and F:GA crewman
  6. Cultist/thief wip 1

    Cultist/thief wip 1

    You build from the ground up, right!?
  7. Yakcomp #39 bits

    Yakcomp #39 bits

    A bit of everything that'll hopefully go together.
  8. Arrow slits

    Arrow slits

    Sideview of the crumbling tower
  9. Tower door

    Tower door

    Front of the crumbling tower
  10. Tower platform

    Tower platform

    Backside of the crumbling ruin
  11. Yakcomp #38 Ice Spiders!

    Yakcomp #38 Ice Spiders!

    Just about ready for ambush.
  12. Tower ruin wip

    Tower ruin wip

    Stonework done, woodwork next
  13. Treasure tokens wip

    Treasure tokens wip

    A variety of loot for Frostgrave and yakcomp #38
  14. Yakcomp #38 models wip

    Yakcomp #38 models wip

    A few base colours
  15. Yakcomp #38 ruin wip

    Yakcomp #38 ruin wip

    Construction begins
  16. Yakcomp #38 characters wip, back

    Yakcomp #38 characters wip, back

    Goblin thug w/ greenstuffed cloak and treasure hunter, back
  17. Yakcomp #38 characters wip

    Yakcomp #38 characters wip

    Goblin thug and elf treasure hunter ready for primer, front
  18. Yakcomp #38 tower wip

    Yakcomp #38 tower wip

    Bricks, beams and base. Treasure hunter for scale
  19. Yakcomp #38 wip

    Yakcomp #38 wip

    Central loot piece, a powerful Grimoire!
  20. Yakcomp #38 wip ruin

    Yakcomp #38 wip ruin

    Materials for ruined tower