1. K

    je cherche quelqu'un pour jouer ma première partie de Aos

    Salut, je suis nouveau dans le jeu, j'habite à Montréal et je voudrais connaître quelqu'un avec qui jouer des parties de warhammer aos, j'ai 2 armés
  2. PEBB18

    N17 Reach for the stars

    So has been about two years since being away from the hobby (painting/modeling wise), but in that time have purchased Bloodbowl, N17 and Kingdom death (another great gem I have wanted for quiet some time). I struggle to paint most of the miniatures I make and tend to just kit bash mini after...
  3. The Duke

    PETA wants to ban warhammer furs on models

    I would have liked to have posted this in the "Briefing Room" but for some reason I don't have the ability to post a thread up there (most odd indeed....) can someone with the POWAH! move this for me please? (and maybe investigate / inform me why I cannae post!?) - So a friend posted this up...
  4. The Duke

    Necromunda new "pre-order" 40k terrain - Heamotrope reactor

    Just wondering what folks think of the new GW Haemotrope ("Bloodspinner"?) reactor terrain kit - I quite like the look of them personally, nice and gothic and machine-god / mars / mechanicus-esque! - also noticed the other day that the Fortess of Redemption kits are no longer on the GW site...