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    Suggestion Please add a 'control z' function to gnag building.

    Hi, I'm new here and when I make gangs or teams in games like this I'm the kind of person who's constantly adjusting things and after using this app, wow is that annoying. No ability tom add an operative and delete them, gaining money back in the process, makes this process very time consuming...
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    N18 Outcast Psyker that controls "zombiefied mutant folk".

    I hope you are well. This is not an original idea, I dont want to min/max or meta this. The concept is an outcast psyker leader who's found a niche in the underhive. Managing to use their abilities to "persuade" some wretched mutant locals to do their bidding. Concept - Leader Psyker. Every...
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    N18 Building an Orlocks gang for Ash Wates

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this but I've looked around couldn't find either the answers or a more appropriate place to ask. I'm trying to get my head around the mechanics of using Yaktribe to write a gang list for Ash Wastes. Some of the issues I have encountered are - Ash...
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    N18 Ash waste nomad build

    New to necromunda this is my first build for a campaign coming up. Any input or suggestions? Leadarius Kha'tragi Chieftain Kills ❑❑❑❑❑ M WS BS S T W I A LD CL WIL INTEL Cost Adv XP Starving 6" 3" 4" 3" 3" 2" 3" 2" 5" 5" 6" 6" 315 0 0 No W:❑❑ FW: ❑❑❑ OOA:❑ Rec:❑ Wargear: Mesh Armor...
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    Question Apostate Ganger Card

    Hi there, I have a question about creating a ganger card that has zero credit value. I want to create a reference card for my Cawdor gang for the Apostate tactic, which provides three Bonepickers for free during a battle. I'm trying to create one reference card for a Bonepicker with a fighting...
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    N18 Pets in gang composition

    Hey there New to the Hive, Am just looking for some clarification on how Pets are added into a gang. For example, am looking to start a campaign with Enforcers. The HCCM says you can have 0-2 . Is that, you can only have 0-2 HCCM in the gang. Or You can only equip 0-2 HCCM to a...
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    N18 Venators psyker

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me out here. Im trying to make my venator leader a psyker. I know it’s a 35 point upgrade but i can find the option in the gang manager.
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    N18 Ash Waste nomads

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows when are they going to create the ash waste nomads gang for underhive. I´m really excited for it because I have a campaing in a few days and I would like to go with this gang.
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    N18 The Watch – Enforcers

    Here is the list for my current starting gang. The plan is fairly simple, the two sergeants form the front line backed up by Colon and Cheery and try to set up a firebase. Nobby deploys in the highest vantage point and tries to pick...
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    N18 Van Saar Gang: Noble Team

    So I have an idea for a kitbash to make Noble team from Halo:Reach out of the Vann Saar Gang but I was wondering if there was a way to make them playable. Most Van Saar Gangs I have found are 7 Units and Noble Team is only 6. I'm Quite new to Necromunda and to most GW games so I'm not the best...
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    N18 Delaque

    Hello. I decided to start collecting Delaque gang. I plan to play from defense. Specialists with long rifles quickly climb to a hill (a building, walls or something else) and begin to shoot enemies. The leader of the gang will give a second activation to Psyker, which will constantly harm the...
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    Bug Gang Manager bug with 2x pistols

    Yo! The tools here are great, much kudos to the developers. Just a very specific bug to report. When you purchase two identical pistols for a model (this happened with a champion and a ganger, Orlock gang) it is listed as Autopistol x2, or Stub Gun x2. Then, when you add this to a loadout...
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    N17 Excel Gang Roster 2018-04-09

    If you can't/don't want to use the YakTribe tools* you can use this instead. If you want to... Nobody's forcing you... (draws knife) * Supports up to 17 gang members as is. * Boxes for all the usual ganger records are present, as well as stash etc at the top. * There is a filled in example...
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    My First Orlock Gang - Balls Of Steel

    Hi, My first gang - Balls Of Steel. I will be using the gang for short skirmishes in both 3d and 2d. I think I would replace Nerves of Steel with Fixer if I was doing a long campaign. The Juve is in there with the duel autos because its kinda cool. Leader - Sawn-Off, Servo Claw, Respirator...
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    My gals - the Lilac Vipers

    Hey chums, Just getting into N17 and for now sticking with Escher. Would love your thoughts on the build. I've heard the shock whip's updated rules are unclear but make it not worth it, and haven't heard great things about chem thrower so I'm avoiding that for now. This is how I'm looking so...
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    Bug Stub Gun Print Out

    @Malo - In a rules print out for my NCE gang, the Stub Gun is listed as having -1 to hit at long range. This is no longer the case in the NCE - it is a straight to hit roll at long range.