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  1. A

    N18 Ork Goliath Gang

    I’ve been thinking of making a Goliath gang using my 40K orks, and with a campaign starting soon I came up with this list. Does anyone have any comments on it?
  2. M

    N18 How do these Badzone Boiz look to you?

    Hello scummers! I’m putting together a badzone enforcer gang to run in an upcoming campaign, and I figured I’d share my list with y’all to see what you think and take advantage of any potential community feedback. I haven’t named the gang or any gangers yet for fear of getting attached before...
  3. R

    N18 First Time Necromunda Player Assist w/ List

    I’ll post the House Cawdor gang I’ve started working on below. Let me know if I’m missing out on anything like flak armor on everyone or something like that.
  4. A

    N18 Van Saar Gang - Help Needed For A N00b

    Hi all, I'm a 100% n00b to Necromunda. I bought a Van Saar gang box purely on aesthetics alone and stoked with the choice! However, being a n00b I am completely overwhelmed when it comes to building a gang list and would love a few pointers. I'm totally in this for narrative play so I'm not...
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    Tactical Neural Implant
  6. thehenrysouth

    Delaque gang - The Leviathans

    Dominion campaign gang list! It’s more for fun and interesting conversions than a serious contender. Leader - Unsure of equipment yet. Poss just a lasgun with gunshroud or something. He’s going to be held back a lot. -mesh armour Overseer Champ1- Long Rifle - auto Pistol Trick-shot Champ2-...
  7. garrapeta

    Feedback requested for starting Orlock list

    Hi there, I'm new to Necromunda and I'll be playing my first campaign using the NCE rules. If been researching on some Orlock lists on Yaktribe and other sites, and after studying some options this is what have come out: -------------------------------- leader Equipment: Autopistol...
  8. Jimange

    Beginner Escher Gang

    I've spent the last year or so modelling with the intent of starting an Inquismunda gang after seeing a number of inspirational posts on the web which eventually led me to stumble upon this lovely community full of resources. Been stalking the forums and vault for almost a month now and decided...
  9. draakeragon

    Chaos Cultists Starting list. Bearers Of The Only Thruth

    Dear Yaktribe. I'm making a gang list for a campaign that is happening in the future. I'm not going to make big changes in my start. I was thinking about tips and tricks to use this gang. Without further ado this is how I used my 1000 starting guilders. I have a gang rating of 1038. Bearers Of...