1. Van Saar Gangers

    Van Saar Gangers

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  5. Sancho and Pedro

    Sancho and Pedro

    Sancho (L) was first started being painted in 2003 - finished 2020!! Pedro (R) all 2020.
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    Gangers taking over the Gang

    Hi Guys, first post on here, but been looking around for a while and i've got a quick question about something within the NCE. At my local gaming club we've just started a campaign and as it happens one of the guys there has had one of his gangers get 2 leadership upgrades putting him at a...
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    [NECROMUNDA] Tau Gangers

    Anyone ever tried out the Tau Gangers yet? I have a set of Firewarriors that I can use to play a gang for the Tau. I also downloaded the rulebook, never played Necromunda; I will be buying terrain, foamcore, and setting it all up at the local game store to play some games of Necromunda. Any...