1. Race Car

    Race Car

    Red ones go fasta!
  2. W

    Back to Gorkamorka again, this time in Gaslands/20mm scale.

    Hey all! Was talking in chat about a project im starting with, Gorkamorka in Gaslands/20mm scale for playing in centimeters and someone suggested i start a thread on it so i guess thats what im doing. The models im using are mostly from Geargutz with some remixing done, pulling in weapons...
  3. Gaslands wip

    Gaslands wip

    Mustang GT *2, Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser and bikes!
  4. D

    Project GoMoCry v0.4

    About this version This is v0.4, condensed in a OnePageRules inspired format, for quick evaluation. It is at best pre-alpha: useable, but very preliminary draft. Previous versions are more wordy, but not necessarily more detailed. What is GoMoCry GoMoCry is a tabletop game where you lead a...
  5. IMG_1092.jpg


  6. Warden team

    Warden team

    50 pts Warden Cadeila team for Gaslands
  7. Senor Fuego

    Senor Fuego

    Buggy with sidemounted flamethrower
  8. October entry

    October entry

    This months entry powered by Yakcomp!
  9. Oktober wip

    Oktober wip

    Base colors
  10. September entry

    September entry

    Quick'n'dirty braves and Team Warden car
  11. September wip

    September wip

    A bit of flesh and metal (or rust...)
  12. Army men misc.

    Army men misc.

    Charity shop bag with loads of army men
  13. August pledge wip

    August pledge wip

    Ratskin braves and another prison car
  14. Ramshackle purchase

    Ramshackle purchase

    Motorcycles and weapon pack
  15. Enough cars, already!

    Enough cars, already!

    Another purchase and a broken toy
  16. Comparison shot

    Comparison shot

    Various "20 mm" models...
  17. Gaslands guys

    Gaslands guys

    Soldiers and astronauts
  18. July entry

    July entry

    Calling them done!
  19. July pledge wip

    July pledge wip

    Getting there...
  20. July pledge wip

    July pledge wip

    A few base colours