1. Flamekebab

    GCE Core Rules feedback and suggestions

    You might have seen on tUGS or in the vault that the first release of the GCE Core Rules are now available. There's not many changes at the moment although as we all find them (you included!) we'll be amending the document. Current changes: Artillery dice are gone. Scattering weapons now use a...
  2. Flamekebab

    Gorkamorka Community Edition Core Rules 1.21

    The GCE implementation of the Gorkamorka rules for battles. Campaign rules and everything else are in other documents. This document was written by Benjamin Fox and Michael Haslam with editing by Matthew Bester. It is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0...
  3. Flamekebab

    GCE Bug Tracker - Compiling a list of issues with Gorkamorka as it stands.

    At some point in the vague future some of us would like to create a successor ruleset for Gorkamorka. This topic is going to be my attempt to create a list of things that might be considered issues with the original ruleset. Ideally I'd like to setup a bug tracker for these issues to make...