genestealer cult

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  2. Genestealer Patriarch 05 - Copy.jpg

    Genestealer Patriarch 05 - Copy.jpg

    painted 2023
  3. Genestealer Patriarch 04 - Copy.jpg

    Genestealer Patriarch 04 - Copy.jpg

    painted 2023
  4. Genestealer Patriarch 03 - Copy.jpg

    Genestealer Patriarch 03 - Copy.jpg

    painted 2023
  5. Genestealer Patriarch 02 - Copy.jpg

    Genestealer Patriarch 02 - Copy.jpg

    Painted 2023
  6. Patriarch WIP 10 - Copy.jpg

    Patriarch WIP 10 - Copy.jpg

  7. Patriarch WIP 04 - Copy.jpg

    Patriarch WIP 04 - Copy.jpg

    WIP Genestealer Patriarch
  8. Patriarch WIP 03 - Copy.jpg

    Patriarch WIP 03 - Copy.jpg

    WIP Genestealer Patriarch
  9. Patriarch WIP 02 - Copy.jpg

    Patriarch WIP 02 - Copy.jpg

    WIP Genestealer Patriarch
  10. ImmortalJay

    New GSC gang - can you check all ok?

    Hey everyone, can you check this gang is ok? Just want to know if it is legal. Don't need too much advice on changing stuff as I already made a lot of the models... so no third arms unfortunately. Like I said, just want to know if I'm breaking any rules for an upcoming campaign. Cheers...
  11. Dr. Angstrom ii-b

    Dr. Angstrom ii-b

    Screens are a work in progress still trying out different colors and code designs.
  12. Dr. Angstrom ii-a

    Dr. Angstrom ii-a

    More paint
  13. IMG_20230409_151500.jpg


    Neophyte gang
  14. IMG_20230409_151500.jpg


    Neophyte group ahot
  15. (Back) Van Saar Genestealer Data-Scrivener

    (Back) Van Saar Genestealer Data-Scrivener

  16. (Front) Van Saar Genestealer Data-Scrivener

    (Front) Van Saar Genestealer Data-Scrivener

  17. L

    N18 "Redemptionist Backers" as a linked racket and Cults

    Hey y'all. We will probably be house-ruling this ourselves, but I was wondering what conclusions people came to for Law and Misrule campaigns around cult gangs and controlling the Redemptionist Backers Racket. So clear enough is the first part of : "Special: Helot Cult, Genestealer Cult and...
  18. F

    N18 Delaque/genestealer? Viable?

    Hi all! Hope everyone is OK. Right onto the nitty gritty. We are starting a new campaign and I have my heart set on a genestealer cult or a genestealer infected house. And I'm looking at Delaque mainly because they be sneaky. Is it possible that the two are a good mix? And are there any...
  19. S

    Question Different cost for a Flamer in GSC

    I'm making a Genestealer Cults list and giving my Ganger(Specialist) a flamer. Book says 140, Yak says 100 creds. If I give my Leader or a Champion one, shows as 140. Just specialist is different. Any reason for this? Is it correct?
  20. Screenshot 2022-06-19 125158.png

    Screenshot 2022-06-19 125158.png

    the Innsmouth Look