genestealer cult

  1. Corom

    Chaos Cultists - New White Dwarf Lists Rumours

    Hello fellow gangers, With the rumours of Chaos Cultits and Genestealer cults making their appearance in Necromunda, what is your saying / opinion / contrasted information? - Are they going to have dedicated band kits? - Are they going to have their rules in WD? in GW3? - Will they play...
  2. Battlemetalchris

    Genestealer Cult rules for Necromunda v0.5

    Rules for running a Genestealer Cult gang in Necromunda. The gang begins with the initial planetfall of four Purestrain Genestealers. These infect one of the Necromunda houses producing generations of hybrids which are part host and part Genestealer. From that seed eventually a cult grows...
  3. GraaEminense

    Genestealer Cult Lore

    So I'm jumping on the bandwagon, what with SW:A and Necromunda and having secured a box of Overkill on the cheap. I'm looking around for rules for Genestealer cults in Necromunda, and I'm only moderately satisfied with the offerings. I'm considering tweaking them a bit to accomodate all the...
  4. Insurgent

    Genestealer Cult, fluff rewrite.

    Now that Genestealers are out as an actual 40k army it might be time for the skirmish community to forge our own path with the bug brothers. Even though the models are great, the profile for Neophyte Hybrids is for a 4th generation hybrid in the brood cycle. That leaves our classic Brood...
  5. cardyfreak

    Could Delaque Be A Genestealer Cult?

    The release of the Genestealer Cults is a total win for me as I've always loved the fluff of the tyrannids and the way the race is encountered in the 40k universe- massive hive fleets encroach on the imperium from the depths of space threatening the very existence of mankind; jungles and death...
  6. Yakx 04

    Yakx 04

    Leader in tank? :)
  7. Yax03


    Still undecided on leader, but perhaps I can say the boss is in the tank? :D
  8. YakX leader optioins

    YakX leader optioins

    gah bleh!
  9. YakX - Genestealers?

    YakX - Genestealers?

    Perhaps a Space Marine Scout as the Leader?
  10. YakX options

    YakX options

    Decisions to make, models to destroy/poorly paint :)