1. Goblin Shaman 01 - Copy.jpg

    Goblin Shaman 01 - Copy.jpg

    Orktober 2023
  2. Grot W/ blunderbuss

    Grot W/ blunderbuss

    Made from an old night goblin archer. I genuinely don't know how I made that gun.
  3. YakTribe

    Night Goblins 3.21

    Much of the Old World is infested with tribes of Orcs and Goblins and Mordheim is no exception. The Night Goblins especially like the deep dark places and avoid the daylight wherever possible. Whilst they are quite capable of digging their own tunnels and will do to avoid contact with others...
  4. YakTribe

    Greenskin Warband 1.0

    "Itz time fer a bashing!" The Greenskins have been drawn to Mordheim along with the mercenaries. The meteor caught many eyes attention, and as the rumour spread more Orcs figured out that there would be a great bashing in that city and they wanted in on it. However with all the Empire Elector...
  5. YakTribe

    Night Goblins 1.0

    The greedy little runts known as Night Goblins are newcomers to the city of Mordheim, drawn there by their inherent acquisitive natures. They come in search of shinyshinies, of sparkly-sparkles, and the precious wyrdstone. Being slightly more intelligent than Orcs (which are only slightly...
  6. YakTribe

    Forest Goblins 1.0

    Forest Goblins are able to create poisons with a precision surpassing even the Dark Elves. Their natural surroundings harbour any number of poisonous creatures, including the gigantic spiders they are rumoured to prod into combat with their enemies. Coating their weapons with deadly venom, the...
  7. YakTribe

    Chaos Dwarf Slaver Warband 1.0

    The black mines and factories of the Chaos Dwarf Empire require an ever growing population of slaves. The livespan of a slave in the mines around the Tower of Gorgoth or in the factories of the Plain of Zharr is not long -- they are worked literally to death. Thus, every day the Chaos Dwarf...