1. Yakcomp46 detail

    Yakcomp46 detail

    Mushrooms aplenty
  2. Yakcomp46, back

    Yakcomp46, back

  3. See-Maw Katerin'

    See-Maw Katerin'

    A mushroom "mishap" at See-Maw Katerin'
  4. Yakcomp 46 wip

    Yakcomp 46 wip

    A few base colours, still a ways to go...
  5. Yakcomp 46, pre primer

    Yakcomp 46, pre primer

    Constituent parts ready for primer.
  6. Goblins and mushrooms

    Goblins and mushrooms

    Wip for yakcomp 46, cauldron needs legs and sone kind of lip.
  7. Comp bits, "Feed me, Seymour"

    Comp bits, "Feed me, Seymour"

    Goblin chef and mischievous kitchen helper
  8. chitching

    Gloomspite Gitz are up on Carsun's Bazzar now!

    Hey guys! I've just uploaded the Gloomspite Gitz stuff onto the site for preorder! https://www.carsunsbazaar.com/search?q=GW+Preorders FOR THE BAD MOON!
  9. YakTribe

    Forest Goblins Lustria 1.0

    Forest Goblins are presumably the result of a lost expedition of Goblins that somehow tunneled their way to Lustria ages ago. They have completely adapted to their surroundings, learning stealth and camouflage to evade their Lizardmen and Amazon neighbors. They resist the invading warbands as...
  10. YakTribe

    Forest Goblins 2.0

    A different take on Forest Goblins
  11. YakTribe

    Forest Goblins 1.0

    Forest Goblins are able to create poisons with a precision surpassing even the Dark Elves. Their natural surroundings harbour any number of poisonous creatures, including the gigantic spiders they are rumoured to prod into combat with their enemies. Coating their weapons with deadly venom, the...