1. P

    Necromunda How to add gene-smithing on by Goliath character sheet?

    I can't find how to add my gene-smithing selection into my Goliath character data sheet. Where do I add it?
  2. B

    N18 Goliath modelling question

    Hello, first time poster and option enthusiast. I have too many Goliaths, and have one body left over from 3 gang boxes that I can't figure out what to do with. I also have a box's worth of Stimmers/Forge Born but those are already built. I'm trying to figure out what I need still, with these as...
  3. Ganger


    Attack, one of many gangers.
  4. 16330910389818385580963742628096.jpg


    The 'zerker my son commissioned is now in the painting stage. Woot woot.
  5. 20210413_182853.jpg


  6. 20210413_182227.jpg


    Loboz Filthy Fraggerz
  7. Rookies


    Chaos Marauders + Catachan + Ork
  8. trollmeat

    The Glorious Meatcakes at Revelation’s Steeple (ended, just some pics and stories)

    This is the fluff I wrote for the campaign “Revelation’s Steeple”, about my Goliath gang “The Glorious Meatcakes”. Random pics included. Clarke (aka Superman) gets an upgrade. ——— One of the few times The Glorious Meatcakes didn’t shoot first 🤣 They were forming a meat wall to protect the...
  9. Ekodzoona

    Necromunda Forge Tyrant

    Hi. I start to collect my first gang. And the first ganger I made was Forge Tyrant. I would be glad to receive your comments and advice.
  10. Nail Spitter

    Nail Spitter

  11. Jerkal


  12. Goliath Ganger

    Goliath Ganger

    Ganger with stub Cannon and combat knife
  13. J1.jpeg


    Juve 1
  14. G5.jpeg


  15. G4.jpeg


  16. L1.jpeg


    Leader Skulgrim
  17. 'Splitter' Korg

    'Splitter' Korg

  18. Rork


  19. Kruger


  20. N

    N18 New Goliath Gang

    Hello Everyone, After browsing the forums for a bit and reading up on Goliath gangs, I had a go of making one to use in an upcoming campaign. Untill now I've only played a single campaign (under the NCE rules), and this one will be fought using the new rulebook... So I'm fairly new to...