1. lefty


  2. Stimmkrüe S04

    Stimmkrüe S04

  3. IMG_20210605_135812.jpg


    The scorned starting gang.
  4. goliath female silhouettes.jpg

    goliath female silhouettes.jpg

    Version 1 to the left, the second on the right with the bulked out thighs. I don't think it genuinely makes much difference, beyond making me feel I need to alter the butt, waist/abdomen, the feet while I'm at it...
  5. ambot alpha 2.jpg

    ambot alpha 2.jpg

    Now with added mohawk for that Goliath-specific look.
  6. 0CF10404-D478-4A94-9E1F-CF8345EFF10A.jpeg


    Full Gang so far
  7. Goliath female v1.3 face side.jpg

    Goliath female v1.3 face side.jpg

    Close up that hopefully shows where the head has been shaved down: chin and jaw, cheekbones, brow ridge plus extra over nose to smooth transition to forehead.
  8. Goliath female v1.3.jpg

    Goliath female v1.3.jpg

  9. Goliath female v2.1.jpg

    Goliath female v2.1.jpg

    Building a second more pronounced chest for comparison with v1. This one also has a wire armature, to give me the option of removing it when done and making a mould.
  10. Goliath female v1.2a.jpg

    Goliath female v1.2a.jpg

    Added on straps and flesh to fill gaps, still needs detailing where plastic and greenstuff meet for the straps, possibly for plate surface too.
  11. Full-Burn Breakers 6.jpg

    Full-Burn Breakers 6.jpg

    Close combat champ with skin repainted.
  12. Goliath female v1.2 side.jpg

    Goliath female v1.2 side.jpg

    A plastic plate would still protrude slightly further out, even after the extra layer of putty. Any further might stretch the bounds of my own credulity though and/or get in the way of weapons. Think I'll try going a bit larger on a fresh body for comparison, since I'm pretty happy with this.
  13. Goliath female v1.2 front.jpg

    Goliath female v1.2 front.jpg

    Additional layer of greenstuff added to original plate (though rims untouched). Widened bust as well as making it more pronounced.
  14. Goliath female v1.2 armed.jpg

    Goliath female v1.2 armed.jpg

    With arms tacked on for a trial fit. Strap sections and pectoral/breast edges still need adding in. Plate either needs widening to better match the plastics, or the arms will need repairs to fill the divots that fit them around the original chest plates.
  15. Goliath female v1 side.jpg

    Goliath female v1 side.jpg

    First attempt at furnace plate for a female goliath, with design cues taken from the prospect.
  16. Goliath female v1 front.jpg

    Goliath female v1 front.jpg

    First attempt at furnace plate for a female goliath, with design cues taken from the prospect. Lateral muscles have also been shaved down a touch as an experiment, to see if it alters the silhouette in any appreciable way.
  17. ambot alpha.jpg

    ambot alpha.jpg

    A "what if..." moment that has worked better than I expected. I figure that if ambots can be 'jacked then the premier metalworkers of Necromunda can swap out a head casing. Skull is from a renderiser axe and the blade may yet get used as well. Still needs putty work for neck cables, eye lenses etc.
  18. Goliath Terrain/Relic - Pillar of Chains

    Goliath Terrain/Relic - Pillar of Chains

  19. 20210414_103450.jpg


    The 'Zerker I am working on for my son. Didn't meet the birthday dead line, but he got the Nerf Mega Motostrike and Cyclonestrike.
  20. Lord Musgrave (Leader)

    Lord Musgrave (Leader)

    Mighty Leader of the Goliaths!!