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    N18 Ork Goliath Gang

    I’ve been thinking of making a Goliath gang using my 40K orks, and with a campaign starting soon I came up with this list. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/new_boyz.430963/ Does anyone have any comments on it?
  2. Goliath - Varik.JPG

    Goliath - Varik.JPG

    not painted by me
  3. Goliath - Root Dog.JPG

    Goliath - Root Dog.JPG

    not painted by me
  4. Goliath - Nox the Ripper.JPG

    Goliath - Nox the Ripper.JPG

    not painted by me
  5. Goliath - Kruger.JPG

    Goliath - Kruger.JPG

    not painted by me
  6. Goliath - Grendel.JPG

    Goliath - Grendel.JPG

    not painted by me
  7. Goliath - Drago.JPG

    Goliath - Drago.JPG

    not painted by me
  8. Goliath - Brakk.JPG

    Goliath - Brakk.JPG

    not painted by me
  9. Goliath - Bone Snapper.JPG

    Goliath - Bone Snapper.JPG

    not painted by me
  10. Golaith - Rork.JPG

    Golaith - Rork.JPG

    not painted by me
  11. 20240225_111346.jpg


    Blackrock Foundry Goliath
  12. Mifits Goliath Gang

    Mifits Goliath Gang

    for my misfits themed goliath gang
  13. 20240203_092748.jpg


    Close up of once and future gang members
  14. 20240203_092925.jpg


    Front view of gang and alternates
  15. Spot


    Orian's loyal companion and best friend
  16. Spot


    Orian's best friend and loyal companion
  17. Orian


    Leader of the OSHA Goliath gang
  18. Goliath Gang image.jpg

    Goliath Gang image.jpg

  19. Wrecking Ball

    Wrecking Ball

  20. Wrecking Ball

    Wrecking Ball