1. Excavators gang.jpeg

    Excavators gang.jpeg

    Painted by Johann Puech - Chestnut Ink
  2. M

    N18 Starter/Dominion Goliath Gang

    I am brand new to Necromunda, but am potentially going to take part in a Dominion campaign shortly. I have chosen Goliath as my gang of choice due to the "rule of cool"! I am currently in the process of modeling up and deciding upon a starting gang. As such, not having played a single game of...
  3. Lost Dust

    Lost Dust

  4. Korupt Genesis

    Korupt Genesis

    Need to finish the implants on the head and the tubes on his belt (back).
  5. Mouthbreather


  6. Hired Gun no3

    Hired Gun no3

  7. Hired Guns (2b of 4)

    Hired Guns (2b of 4)

  8. Hired Guns (2a of 4)

    Hired Guns (2a of 4)

  9. Hired Gun 006

    Hired Gun 006

    Dwarf Giant Head from Blood Bowl on a Goliath body.
  10. Hired Gun 005

    Hired Gun 005

    Dwarf Giant Head from Blood Bowl on a Goliath body.


    Dwarf Giant Head from Blood Bowl on a Goliath body.


    Dwarf Giant Head from Blood Bowl on a Goliath body.
  13. P

    N18 New Goliath for dominion campaign

    https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/the_kerosene_cleavers.49062/ Hopefully here's the link for my new Goliath gang, any thoughts?
  14. S

    N18 Are Dum Dum rounds an additional profile?

    If you take Dum Dum rounds for a sub gun, do you choose which you are firing (like a shotgun) or do they replace the normal subs gun ammo? Also, can you take Dum Dum rounds for the combi plasma/stub? Snoop
  15. N

    N18 Starting Goliath: forgeworld?

    Hello Everyone, My gaming group is starting a Necromunda campaign using the new rules, and I'm thinking about starting a Goliath gang. Mainly because I like the Sumpkroc from forgeworld, and the gang seems like a nice change of pace from my shooty guardsmen in 40k. Now I was thinking that...
  16. Orlock


  17. Kick out the jams

    Kick out the jams

  18. E

    Edster’s Necromunda gangs

    First up my Goliaths - I just made them same stats as the box but switched the bodies and heads to how I liked them. Skull shank is in the pumpkin-gimp mask for instance. Orange colour theme with reds and blue-gray. Champions have steel plates, leader in brass, scrubs in whatever colour they...
  19. S

    Necromunda Goliath jives? What model?

    Hi. I was wondering if you lot have any good ideas for converting/making juves for house Goliath. - I like the AoS Khorne warriors, except for the helmet. (not sure what they are called, maybe blood reavers) - The Catachan Devils are good too, but I really dislike their headbands. Any...
  20. S

    Necromunda H. Escher, W. Goliath

    I have the Escher gang from the boxed game. They are still on sprue. I would like to trade for the Goliath counterpart. I'm in Australia. Vic.