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    Da Dread Wars (Deff Dread mobs)

    A while ago I wrote this little thing for gorkamorka to run this campaign focused on some mechs traveling in a space hulk/fleet and thus to keep themselves occupied they make these deff dreads and send them to fight in arenas for this Big Mek who runs the whole show. Got rules for gubbins...
  2. Da Sunz of Gork

    Da Sunz of Gork

    Gorkamorka mob with bikes and a trakk
  3. Gorkamorka Bikes

    Gorkamorka Bikes

  4. Klomster

    Klomster's workshop. Addon stuff.

    Greetings gorkers n' morkers. Me and my friend have been going at creating a bunch of fan stuff for Gorkamorka. I'd love to upload it all but i'm not sure how and where on the site. Getting access to adding stuff to the vault would be really cool, but until that's a possibility i'll have to...
  5. New Trakk

    New Trakk

  6. H

    Deff dread combat game

    So we've been playing little games of gorkamorka where we each play deff dread from the scenario in an arena type area. First off super fun not only seeing how each member builds and paint their dread but also the games can get quite interesting especially with more players. however the idea has...
  7. L

    The Tileways: An Alternate Setting 0.9

    An alternate Gorkamorka setting, set on a Necromunda-like ruined imperial city on one of Angelis' other continents. New updates may eventually arrive, and I will try to work on the formatting. My reason for making this was to encourage players to branch out and look for interesting and useful...
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    Fifth wheel. Needs more Dakka.
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  16. Buggy roster: Bolt Brotherz

    Buggy roster: Bolt Brotherz

  17. Grot W/ blunderbuss

    Grot W/ blunderbuss

    Made from an old night goblin archer. I genuinely don't know how I made that gun.
  18. Nob slaver

    Nob slaver

    A repaint of one of my early posts, with other very slight edits I made after the first one was taken. Figure that since spanners and slavers cost 1 more than a normal boy and have the same profile, it seems ok that my job can also be a slaver if I pay extra.
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    Campaigns that have almost never happened, and rules for in campaigns that also likely haven't happened

    -Gorkamorka Deff Islands, an alternate setting set on an imperial backwater. Pretty cool. -There are also rules for using Necromunda gangs in Gorkamorka, but was designed for original necromunda -Other alternate settings for necromunda, which probably exist. (Other than ash wastes, which I love...
  20. Hot Wheels Tanknator.png

    Hot Wheels Tanknator.png