1. DNwip1.jpg


    Finally got my new DiggaNob done, asides from some touch up here and there. Inspired by my buddy's Orruk Warchanter. I learned a lot sculpting this one. Lots and lots of mistakes I won't make next time. (I hope.)
  2. WIP buggies - shootas added

    WIP buggies - shootas added

  3. WIP buggies - shootas added

    WIP buggies - shootas added

  4. WIP buggies - shootas added

    WIP buggies - shootas added

  5. Grotspeeda Sandblasta WIP

    Grotspeeda Sandblasta WIP

  6. Grotspeeda Sandblasta WIP

    Grotspeeda Sandblasta WIP

  7. Grotspeeda Sandblasta WIP

    Grotspeeda Sandblasta WIP

  8. 20190724_172217.jpg


    Lamination through the book method. Binder, with what brought me into the tribe in the first place: Gorkamorka PDFs!
  9. 20190720_223036.jpg


    Dustrat bikes painted!
  10. S

    GorkaMorka Papercraft vehicles...

    So, as an option for building vehicles that are either hard to find, out of production, or expensive collectors items, I have found myself drawn into the scratchbuilding world using paper. Eli Patoroch has some great designs, and you can links to his files on Zealot and Paper Modeler forums...
  11. Aulenback


    Huzzah! My wife and I somehow just scored [inexpensively even!] a copy of Gretchinz! Even all the way over here in Canada, far, far away from its place of publication! https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/239951/gretchinz First look? It is cute as blazes, and looks a fun romp. A good...
  12. Aulenback

    GorkaMorka terrain resources

    Okay, yes, a lot of the terrain requirements for GorkaMorka are pretty simple, and there are masses of tutorials regarding the building of sand dunes and rock pillars. I wanted to make a note, however, so that I don't forget over the busy holiday season, that in addition to the obvious [Mek's...
  13. Feyd Rautha

    GorkaMorka Rebel Grot

    Greetings all! After much distraction I'm finally getting round to having another go at painting green skin, this time a rebel grot for my nascent mob. I've brought in a much more yellow tone than before. It's still not quite right, but moving in the right direction. I'm trying to be better...
  14. Aulenback


    Yes, sillyness warning as mandatory. That aside, I am starting an experiment, and was wondering if anyone here had ever actually USED them, to have some idea of what to expect. Ramping up to another GorkaMorka campaign at our house, and one of the mobs I'm building is a Morker gang consisting...
  15. Flamekebab

    Gorkamorka Community Edition Core Rules 1.0

    The GCE implementation of the Gorkamorka rules for battles. Campaign rules and everything else are in other documents. This document was written by Benjamin Fox and Michael Haslam with editing by Matthew Bester. It is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0...
  16. Aulenback

    Kroot - a Mutie Raiders rewrite 2018-09-10

    The rules are pure Mutie Raiders from Digganob. The background and vocabulary are adding Kroot to Angelis [or the Ash Wastes of Necromunda, etc], in a 'counts as' fashion. No rules alterations or adjustments needed.
  17. Stoof

    ORB Ash Wastes Vehicle Speed Markers 1.0

    Crawl / Slow / Combat / Fast markers for easy remembering of speeds for Ash Wastes vehicles or Gorkamorka
  18. Zeebogie

    Rescuing Captives Idea/Solution

    Had a thought about fixing/clarifying what happens to a models weapons if they are captured and not ransomed or traded. RAW there is a slight grey area as to what happens to a captured model that is rescued's equipment. Personally I interpret it as a captured model who isn't traded/ransomed...
  19. T

    Tanks in GorkaMorka

    Any fan made rules for Ork Tanks in GorkaMorka? I am planning to build 10 Ork bloodaxe tanks from 10 identical 1:35 Tamiya tank kits, they will all count-as leman russ tanks and will be fielded as if they were an astra millitarum army (with grots as conscripts) But it could be cool to use...
  20. Aulenback

    ORB Killer bird dinosaurs from space

    Ahoy all. Just aiming to build a single thread to have access to an easy run through assorted Kroot models and conversions specifically intended for use in the following games: Shadow War: Armageddon, using Kroot Kill Team rules GorkaMorka, using Mutie Raiders rules ORB Necromunda, using...