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  1. Baffo

    Necromunda Baffo's WIPs (picture heavy)

    Greetings fellow Hivers:) I am Baffo, an obsessive-compulsive converter/hobbyist with hoarding issues, which are not helped by the fact I am also the local Necromunda group arbitrator (so I get excuses to buy/convert even more random monsters/vehicles/NPCs). As you will notice from my albums I...
  2. Gangers.png


    Scavengers Mk II - Gangers
  3. 20190903_234755_Richtone(HDR).jpg


    Slight turn around
  4. IMG_20190904_002758_816.jpg


    The back side of the attempt
  5. Sculpting Wood Elves

    Sculpting Wood Elves

  6. brassmonkey

    Necromunda Brass Monkey's Sculpting Shenanigans

    Hey there Yaktribe! I'm starting this thread as a place to show my finished and not-so-finished miniature sculpts. They are all characters that would be at home anywhere from the Underhive to the Spire and possibly even the wastes beyond... I'll start by posting my first Underhive denizen, one...
  7. AxeSlash

    Mini basing, terrain washing, and water questions

    I'm going to attempt texturing some bases with green stuff. What do you guys do about the slots/tabs when doing this? Do you just cut the tabs off completely and not use a slotta base? Just glue the mini onto the green stuff? Pin it? I'd like to ideally keep the tab intact and use a slotta base...