1. The shrine

    The shrine

  2. 292213110_566294795138094_596188499838326362_n.jpg


    Cawdor gang
  3. Brotherhood of the Dying Light

    Brotherhood of the Dying Light

  4. The hive cares not for the weak.

    The hive cares not for the weak.

    Grimdark Corpsegrinder Cult Butcher in front of a freshly bloodstained wall
  5. GrimmDark

    Necromunda Rust, blood and guts - starting Necromunda

    Greetings all. I'd like to share my very first Necromunda gang - the Crimson Hand - Corse Grinder Cult. I've never played before, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to start when I'm out of lockdown. My first 1000 credits: I wanted a very monochrome and dirty look. Underground Mad Max meets Doom...
  6. Battlefleet Gothic Campaign Map

    Battlefleet Gothic Campaign Map

    Sector: The Starshroud Expanse Subsector: The Western Marches
  7. Guilder B

    Guilder B

    This is the hairer, meaner, grubbier "down-hive" slave-owning Guilder.