1. NSD_syphonite_20220410_164938~2.jpg


    Siphonite, Nautican Siphoning Delegation, Water Guild
  2. NSD_subnautican_20220410_164917~2.jpg


    Subnautican, Nautican Siphoning Delegation, Water Guild
  3. NSD_Master_20220410_165018~2.jpg


    Master Nautical, Siphoning Delegation, Water Guild
  4. R

    Groups in Stroud /Gloucester

    Hi All, Just registered to Yaktribe and have probably posted this in the wrong place. If so, please help a fellow gamer out and message me. I've been an avid Necromunda player since its release in the 90's and am still very much playing the old rules.. only issue is that my only gaming...
  5. Mercator Lux

    Mercator Lux

    Electro Guild, count as Fire Guild
  6. Mercator Temperium

    Mercator Temperium

    Air Guild, count as Water Guild
  7. Mercator Gelt

    Mercator Gelt

    Grovellers, Skinflint and Master of Coin
  8. Mercator Sanguis

    Mercator Sanguis

    Chain Lord, Shakleman and two Pit Fighters
  9. Mercator Pallidus

    Mercator Pallidus

    Palid Consort, Bone Scrivener and Corpse Grinders
  10. Guilder A

    Guilder A

    This is my (preferred) "fancier" or more 'gilded' Guilder with a more ostentatious "up-hive" look akin to the classic Necromunda Bratts and other members of hive primus spyre nobilty. He sports a cobra-cane and carries a Servo-caliper and a coin-dispenser and snuff box on his belt.