1. Air Guilder.jpg

    Air Guilder.jpg

    Air Guilder
  2. Electro Guilder.jpg

    Electro Guilder.jpg

    Electro Guilder
  3. Bone Scrivener.jpg

    Bone Scrivener.jpg

    Bone Scrivener
  4. Pale Consort.jpg

    Pale Consort.jpg

    Pale Consort
  5. Air Guilder_WIP.jpg

    Air Guilder_WIP.jpg

    Mercator Temperium (WIP)
  6. YakTribe

    Necromunda Fire Made Flesh 2021-06-06

    A Necromunda audio Dark secrets lurk in the Fallen Dome of Periculus, and Tempes Sol of the Guild of Light seeks them out to cement his place in the underhive – if he, and Hive Primus itself, can survive what he unleashes. LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE Venture into the darkest reaches of the underhive...
  7. Electro Guild.jpg

    Electro Guild.jpg

    Mercator Lux (WIP)
  8. Air Guild.jpg

    Air Guild.jpg

    Mercator Temperium (WIP)
  9. Water Guild.jpg

    Water Guild.jpg

    Mercator Nautica (WIP)
  10. Water Guild.jpg

    Water Guild.jpg

    Mercator Nautica (WIP)
  11. Slave Guild.jpg

    Slave Guild.jpg

    Mercator Sanquis (WIP)
  12. Mercator Lux

    Mercator Lux

    Electro Guild, count as Fire Guild
  13. Mercator Temperium

    Mercator Temperium

    Air Guild, count as Water Guild
  14. Shackleman WiP

    Shackleman WiP

  15. Mercator Gelt

    Mercator Gelt

    Grovellers, Skinflint and Master of Coin
  16. Mercator Sanguis

    Mercator Sanguis

    Chain Lord, Shakleman and two Pit Fighters
  17. Mercator Pallidus

    Mercator Pallidus

    Palid Consort, Bone Scrivener and Corpse Grinders
  18. Guilder A

    Guilder A

    This is my (preferred) "fancier" or more 'gilded' Guilder with a more ostentatious "up-hive" look akin to the classic Necromunda Bratts and other members of hive primus spyre nobilty. He sports a cobra-cane and carries a Servo-caliper and a coin-dispenser and snuff box on his belt.
  19. Guilder B

    Guilder B

    This is the hairer, meaner, grubbier "down-hive" slave-owning Guilder.
  20. Ashwaste guilde merchant

    Ashwaste guilde merchant

    a guider crosses the ashwastes under the watchful gaze of the imperium.