1. Nygan DuVall

    Nygan DuVall

    A Van Saar Gunfighter Leader
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    N18 Gunfighter build, spending xp

    Hi all, thanks to the new XP gain rules I'm lucky enough to have a decent chunk of xp on my van saar champion! Currently has gunfighter skill and my choices are a toughness increase or buy hip shooting......I'm leaning towards hip shooting to get as much mobility in to the gang as...
  3. T

    N18 Gunfighter on twin pistols or not?

    Thinking about dual pistol VS champs......given their high BS, is gunfighter really necessary (if I'm ok to drop the ability to independently target 2 enemies)?......would it be better taking an alternative skill at creation and pick up gunfighter later? E.g. hip shooting (but I do then get a...
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    Glint: Ganger. A drifter from High Pains. To be properly kitted for the ash wastes, a gunfighter must wear a poncho.
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    Tempest (Gunfighter Champion) - front view
  6. Z

    Best weapons for a ganger with gunfighter and rapid fire?

    Ive got a ganger now who just learned gunfighter and rapid fire, he has a BS of 3 and currenty has a shotgun with manstoppers, and a knife. I was think some kind of pistol combination would probably be best but do any of you have any ideas?