1. E

    N18 Starting a Newbie Campaign with 2019 Comprehensive Rulebook PDF, need some guidance

    By golly gosh, fellow hivescum, might I say what a gloriously disugsting day it is down here in the sump! So I got hard into Necro 18 when it first released and ran a few campaigns with a core group over 2018-20 - but then pandemic, had to move, yada yada, so am now starting a new campaign in...
  2. M

    Bug Help! Cannot edit my gang lists at all!

    I've made some gang lists in the past no problem but recently when getting back into making lists I cannot edit the gang at all in the "Gang Controls". Opening the ganger tab causes it to load for a while before doing nothing and it is the same when trying to add vehicles, hired guns or delete...
  3. R

    Question Cawdor Help

    Working on crafting up a test Cawdor gang, and I don't see a way to add Exterminators to weapons (such as a shotgun or a chainaxe) in the gang manager. How do you do this?
  4. T

    N18 Help with first delaque build

    Hi all, i am building my first necromunda gang and was looking for some advice on my starting roster, I've built a starting template and not sure if its viable. I will be playing a few skirmishes to start with (mostly against genestealers, squat prospectors and palenite enforcers) and then...
  5. T

    Help with delaque first build

    Hi all, i am building my first necromunda gang and was looking for some advice on my starting roster, I've built a starting template and not sure if its viable. I will be playing a few skirmishes to start with (mostly against genestealers, squat prospectors and palenite enforcers) and then...
  6. S

    N18 Corpse Grinder list advice welcome

    Hi all, I've bought some more gangs just for the sake of painting but want to make lists for my group to mess around with if they fancy trying out new gangs (2 of them are newcomers and 1 is super dedicated and will make all his own lists) and wanted to know if this is any good as a corpse...
  7. T

    N18 Van Saar for new campaign - thoughts appreciated!

    Hi all - still in the campaign planning stages and decision paralysis still present! Looking for some thoughts on what I'm leaning towards (vs. CGC GSC, orlock & nomads).....really pushing for 8 bodies and the hand flamer neotek - Prime, mesh, plasma gun, hip shooting - Augmek, mesh, plasma...
  8. L

    N18 Do more people play classic Necromunda or Necromunda Underhive?

    I want to know which to learn so that I could play with more people.
  9. T

    N18 I need a little help to get started.

    Hello I am just starting my adventure with necromunda, I played a few matches on the gang from the starter box, specifically esherkas that are folded according to the instructions, and the equipment is immediately allocated on the cards added to the starter. I liked this gang and I would like to...
  10. I

    Help with terrain

    Hi, I'm trying to get started with necromunda underhive, but am really put off by the super expensive terrain. I actually like the 2d necromunda tiles from the first underhive starter set better than the new terrain (heresy I know), but it's going for crazy scalper prices on eBay. What should I do?
  11. T

    N18 Van Saar Gang: Noble Team

    So I have an idea for a kitbash to make Noble team from Halo:Reach out of the Vann Saar Gang but I was wondering if there was a way to make them playable. Most Van Saar Gangs I have found are 7 Units and Noble Team is only 6. I'm Quite new to Necromunda and to most GW games so I'm not the best...
  12. J

    Bug GSC acolyte early gen. armor issue

    When selecting gear for an acolyte early gen. the armor tier only displays the hazard suit that comes standard. I’ve checked the rules and there doesn’t seem to be anything stating that this unit can’t take buy armor at gang creation. Is this a bug or did I misinterpret the rules?
  13. J

    All alone in the underdark (help with friends)

    Hi! New-ish user, been using the amazing tools here to run a campaign and need a little help. How do I add a friend? Been trying with no luck to add a pal into the game, and I cannot work out how to add him as a friend, or add him to the game. I created a guild and invited him, but he can't...
  14. P

    Venators: An Embarrassment of Riches

    I realize this may seem too vague or that I'm asking others to do work for me, but I'm genuinely paralyzed with indecision. I'm trying to make a venator gang for a campaign and I'm not sure what is a good boys vs. toys balance is for them. On the one hand they actually have remarkably cheep guys...
  15. B

    My Escher Gang

    Hey so I just used the tools to put together my escher gang. I made them back when the new Necromunda first dropped, so many of the shortfalls of the eschers hadn't been discovered yet. I mostly built my list WYSIWYG however I have no problem removing things save on cost. Here is the link to...
  16. maxwellrpower

    Necromunda Help With Assembling A Starting Set of Vallejo Paints

    G'day everyone, I'm returning to this hobby after an absence of around 14 years. I've got my collection of modelling tools almost re-assembled now after a morning spent on ebay, but when it comes to buying paints I could use a little advice. I wanted to steer clear of the citadel stuff for the...
  17. B

    Beginner Van Saar Gang Help

    Hi All, as per the title I am making a Van Saar gang and am pretty new. We are using the NCE rules, and a couple of house rules. we are ignoring the house weapon tables, and each gang starts with 3 rare trade rolls and 5 territories. My rolls were: Infrared Sight - 43 credits Power Axe -...
  18. A

    Spyrers As A Normal Gang

    Hallo! I'm planning a Necromunda campaign with some altered circumstances; leading to Spyrers being trapped in the underhive and having to work more like a normal gang. I bashed together some rules for this, but while I have a lot of experience writing game rules in general, I'm fairly new to...
  19. Howks

    Newbie guide to YakTribe

    For a while I was one of those members who signs up.. then does nothing.. then once someone showed me how useful the gang creation side of things was - i was hooked.. BUT.. i want to add photos and Ive not been able to. I thought it was just a bad forum design layout until i started searching...