hired guns

  1. Macula


    Often the mere sight of Slate's faithful Cyber Mastiff Macula, is enough to send enemies running, lest they end their days as a mile-marker on the Spider Points, like so many before.
  2. The Deserter.jpg

    The Deserter.jpg

    The Deserter (Imitation of Life Miniatures on MyMiniFactory)
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    Underhive Scum Group - Copy.jpg

    L to R: 2017; 2003 (updated 2015); 2023; 2023
  4. W

    Bug Hired Guns missing equipment options

    Noticed today that Hive Scum cannot take grenades when being hired. Also, Bounty Hunters can't the Armoured Undersuits which they should be able to buy.
  5. Hawkins44

    Gang Auxiliary 1.3

    This tool allows you to create a custom, fairly balanced ganger to supplement your gang with skills and equipment your gang has no, or difficult access to. It follows a similar framework as is in the Book of Outcasts, but it was modified and expanded to guide you through the whole process. You...
  6. Hawkins44

    N17 Gang Auxiliaries (obsolete) V1.2

    A simple tool to add non-standard fighters to a gang. It can be used for thematic and fluffy additions to your gang, or to add a way to supplement your gang with something it normally does not have access to. Basically, a Bounty Hunter, who's not a Bounty Hunter, and stays around. I'm glad for...
  7. R

    Question re hiring fired bounty hunters

    hi all where can you find fired bounty hunters etc to re add? When you fore them it says that they will now be available to rehire in the campaign. But where do they go and how do you re hire?
  8. L

    N18 Underdog Hired Guns and Bottle Checks

    So, in the campaign I am currently playing, I recently had a game where from the starting crews, my gang had a 325 credit disadvantage and so I bought a random Underdog Tactics card and 120 credits of Hive Scum across 2 models. The question is- Would these Hive Scum have counted toward my...
  9. 20191010_202323.jpg


    Chaos cultist to tech ganger!
  10. thanejaw

    N18 Hired Guns / Allies: Gang Composition and Point Costs

    Hey there - running a campaign in London and it's due to start tonight and I wanna talk through a few things (as I understand it) and see if you guys have thoughts: Allies vs. Hired Guns Point Costs Allies work groups currently don't have a points cost associated with them - Hired Guns...
  11. Narg Ruglud & Speedy Creed

    Narg Ruglud & Speedy Creed

    Scum for hire
  12. Grub Targeson

    Grub Targeson

  13. Eyros Slagmyst back

    Eyros Slagmyst back

  14. G

    N18 Bounty Hunters in Dominion

    So, We were trying to find ways to make bounty hunters more viable in a Dominion Campaign without having them over powered. I think we figured it out. Bounty hunters, the first time you buy them cost the price of their gear on top of the 80 credits base price. if i bounty hunter ditches the...
  15. GraaEminense

    Named bounty hunters?

    Bounty hunter question, slightly influenced by the fact that I'm dropping by the Forgeworld store tomorrow... Are there any of the current named bounty hunters with models (Yolanda, Kria, Belladonna, Eyros, Gor, Grendl) which are clearly useless or really worth their fee? They're different...
  16. UnderhiveBerzerker

    Experience with Hired guns cost exl. gear

    Greeting fellow underhive scum I am starting an new campaign and want to get Hired guns on the board, but the high cost makes them unplayable IMO. my plan is to house rule that an gang only pays the base cost for the mercenary and not the gear that he is equiped with. e.g. Bounty hunter costs...
  17. T

    Using Pets in skirmish games

    It doesn’t explicitly say in the new Gang War 3 book but I’m assuming the new brutes, pets, servo skulls etc can be used as normal in skirmish games? You would just pay the credits cost as normal, it would be a shame if they only could be purchased in campaign games
  18. ClanBuckCANS

    Mad you say.

    Meh mad i may be, especially since I decided to make a scratch built model of Mad Donna Ulanti. I be making this here thread to chronicle, the miss adventure of this mad undetaking. Enjoy
  19. Narwhal King

    Hired Gun Species

    I was reading Inquisimunda 2.0, and saw that some rules said Xenos Hired guns, or Mutant Hired guns, but there are none in NCE or OCE. Is that still a W.I.P?
  20. p0dde

    Rules for Advancing Hired Guns

    I have put together a set of rules for advancing hired guns. It is made for NCE campaign play. I am not sure how other campaigns experience the use of hied guns, but in our campaign, they have had very little impact. http://satanpedia.org/wiki/Advancing_Hired_Guns And as the gangs grow...