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    Chaos cultist to tech ganger!
  2. thanejaw

    N18 Hired Guns / Allies: Gang Composition and Point Costs

    Hey there - running a campaign in London and it's due to start tonight and I wanna talk through a few things (as I understand it) and see if you guys have thoughts: Allies vs. Hired Guns Point Costs Allies work groups currently don't have a points cost associated with them - Hired Guns...
  3. Narg Ruglud & Speedy Creed

    Narg Ruglud & Speedy Creed

    Scum for hire
  4. Grub Targeson

    Grub Targeson

  5. Eyros Slagmyst back

    Eyros Slagmyst back

  6. G

    N18 Bounty Hunters in Dominion

    So, We were trying to find ways to make bounty hunters more viable in a Dominion Campaign without having them over powered. I think we figured it out. Bounty hunters, the first time you buy them cost the price of their gear on top of the 80 credits base price. if i bounty hunter ditches the...
  7. GraaEminense

    Named bounty hunters?

    Bounty hunter question, slightly influenced by the fact that I'm dropping by the Forgeworld store tomorrow... Are there any of the current named bounty hunters with models (Yolanda, Kria, Belladonna, Eyros, Gor, Grendl) which are clearly useless or really worth their fee? They're different...
  8. UnderhiveBerzerker

    Experience with Hired guns cost exl. gear

    Greeting fellow underhive scum I am starting an new campaign and want to get Hired guns on the board, but the high cost makes them unplayable IMO. my plan is to house rule that an gang only pays the base cost for the mercenary and not the gear that he is equiped with. e.g. Bounty hunter costs...
  9. T

    Using Pets in skirmish games

    It doesn’t explicitly say in the new Gang War 3 book but I’m assuming the new brutes, pets, servo skulls etc can be used as normal in skirmish games? You would just pay the credits cost as normal, it would be a shame if they only could be purchased in campaign games
  10. ClanBuckCANS

    Mad you say.

    Meh mad i may be, especially since I decided to make a scratch built model of Mad Donna Ulanti. I be making this here thread to chronicle, the miss adventure of this mad undetaking. Enjoy
  11. Narwhal King

    Hired Gun Species

    I was reading Inquisimunda 2.0, and saw that some rules said Xenos Hired guns, or Mutant Hired guns, but there are none in NCE or OCE. Is that still a W.I.P?
  12. p0dde

    Rules for Advancing Hired Guns

    I have put together a set of rules for advancing hired guns. It is made for NCE campaign play. I am not sure how other campaigns experience the use of hied guns, but in our campaign, they have had very little impact. http://satanpedia.org/wiki/Advancing_Hired_Guns And as the gangs grow...
  13. scavvyjay

    Converting Hired Guns

    As there are a few gangs that can convert members of other gangs Redemptionists, chaos Covens, Void Pirates etc, I was wondering what happens if a hired gun is captured and forced into a gang? What is the cost and exp of the model and do they start gaining exp again once they're back in a gang...
  14. TakUnderhand

    NCE Wyrd Cryomancer V3

    Part of my Comp 11 entry: the Wyrd Cryomancer Due to getting the competition in, these rules have not been play tested. At all. Expect amendments the moment I manage to get a game in!
  15. YakTribe

    LRB Special Characters 2014-03-12

    I want to use Kal Jerico and Mad Donna, but how? How does my Van Saar find them in the Underhive? With the release of Underhive the rules for finding Special Characters from the old Outlanders have been left out, so here they are with some new flair… Included Characters: The Arch Zealot of the...
  16. Tiny

    NCE Necromunda Community Edition Rulebook 2019

    The NCE is a fan update to the official Necromunda rules with three main aims. To better balance the weapons and skills alongside minor tweaks to improve general gameplay. To clarify ambiguities and patch up rule holes. And finally to introduce select new equipment and scenarios that conform...