hive guys

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    Local branch of Sumpway. Need to work my way up to being able to open a Hive Guys.
  2. Hive Guys back

    Hive Guys back

    Bit of a mess, back here...
  3. Hive Guys right

    Hive Guys right

    Anyone seen Bill Posters lately?
  4. Hive Guys front

    Hive Guys front

    Sorry, closed at the moment
  5. Hive Guys left

    Hive Guys left

  6. Suspicious meats...

    Suspicious meats...

    That ain't no grox, for sure!
  7. Hive guys

    Hive guys

    Wip, sideview. Service window will be around the corner to the right.
  8. Hive Guys

    Hive Guys

    Wip, needs a fence and some railings. Rear/sideview.
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  11. Scattered projects from a scatterbrain

    Scattered projects from a scatterbrain

    Wip's: Cawdor ganger, Ratskin Totem Warrior, Hive Guys joint
  12. Dixie

    Street trash - Hive Guys 2015-09-10

    A simpe set of street junk to add that special Hive Guys flavour to your section of the underhive
  13. 'Nickname' O'Shea

    Necromunda Welcome to the Hive Guys Grill (and have a nice day) 2015-02-04

    This all started here: Blame @Dixie :D