hive scum

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    Necromunda Hive Mechaniscum

    For some reason I'm really into taking normal 40k models and bashing them with Necromunda gangs. My first attempt was the Blade Sisters (Escher + Sororatas) and here's my second - the Hive Mechaniscum* (Cawdor + AdMech): Tech-priest Dominus + Cawdor Skitarii Marshal + Cawdor...
  2. Scum_fmscoct21.jpg


    Hive scum
  3. 51FA64AC-75B8-48E3-AF4C-E6D7CDE7E0D8.jpeg


    Bandit, Riot and Hitman
  4. Cultist 2.jpg

    Cultist 2.jpg

    Cultist of the Outskirt Scavenger gang
  5. Cultist 1.jpg

    Cultist 1.jpg

    Cultist of the Outskirt Scavenger gang
  6. 15069766-6F0C-466F-9240-A18BC7A1E9DD.jpeg


    Here is the full Outskirt Scavengers venator gang ready to paint!
  7. C700A142-A8C3-4D8B-B1E2-A65C64C4E07A.jpeg


    Last 3 members of the Outskirt Scavengers.
  8. DA7654D8-46CF-47CE-AFFC-610940AFA8E2.jpeg


    Next 3 members of the Outskirt Scavengers.
  9. 5CDAAEA2-0DB7-4022-B7EC-F7B3F4E0B23B.jpeg


    1st 4 members of Venator Gang: Outskirt Scavengers
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    N18 looking for proxy ideas for hanger ons, hive scum, cannibals and hive dwellers in Necromunda Underhive.

    Hello everyone, as the title suggests i'm looking for a fairly diverse selection of proxies to represent non gang related miniatures that often crop up in various Scenarios in Necromunda underhive. These mostly include hanger ons and scenario specific minis such as underhivers, cannibals, and...
  11. Hive_scum_pilot_fauna_Finished.jpg


    Underhive fauna, 3 hive scum and a void pilot.
  12. Hired Gun

    Hired Gun

  13. Gate Masters.jpeg

    Gate Masters.jpeg

    Gate Masters; a scratch built scum gang for our campaign. They control 2 toll crossings and won't give them up without a fight.
  14. Hive Scum

    Hive Scum

  15. Hive Scum

    Hive Scum

  16. Hive Scum

    Hive Scum

  17. Group of Scum

    Group of Scum

  18. Another Scummer

    Another Scummer

  19. Hive Scum

    Hive Scum

  20. Basch_Brothers.jpg


    Basch Brothers