1. DC_DeCrypt

    DC_Decrypt’s Hobby Bits

    Hi folks! Figured it was high time to try this hobby log thing as i get stuff done. This week’s efforts will be in prep for an upcoming local campaign plus yakmeet. Today competes my second wrecker for the starting gang. More pics on my insta.
  2. G

    Necromunda Greppy's Plog Thread

    Hi! My name is Greppy and I'm a Necroholic and I'd like to start this thread to share what I'm working on. I recently finished, and currently running a homebrew campaign with handmade Laser cut terrain at my FLGS. I've enjoyed making the terrain so much I'm already working on my own Zone...
  3. Badaab

    Return to the Underhive

    Its been a minute (or like 7 years lol), but here are some of my more recent Necromunda efforts- a fair few of these could use new photographs, but that will come in due course. currently I'm participating in the yearly Orktober event in which I challenge myself to paint...
  4. IMG_20200213_124741.jpg


    Brass Butchers of the 8th Sub Sect
  5. Corpse Grinders.jpg

    Corpse Grinders.jpg

    Brass Butchers of the 8th Sub Sect
  6. Baffo

    Necromunda Baffo's WIPs (picture heavy)

    Greetings fellow Hivers:) I am Baffo, an obsessive-compulsive converter/hobbyist with hoarding issues, which are not helped by the fact I am also the local Necromunda group arbitrator (so I get excuses to buy/convert even more random monsters/vehicles/NPCs). As you will notice from my albums I...
  7. E

    Edster’s Minis

    First up my Goliaths - I just made them same stats as the box but switched the bodies and heads to how I liked them. Skull shank is in the pumpkin-gimp mask for instance. Orange colour theme with reds and blue-gray. Champions have steel plates, leader in brass, scrubs in whatever colour they...
  8. E

    Suggestion New players /users introduction thread

    We should have a thread for new players/users to introduce themselves and look for players/ clubs in their local area. I’ve recently relocated and starting to look for games and players in my area, however it’s very difficult without Facebook. A thread would be a good way for new users to...