1. servo_scribe

    N18 HoI Orlock - 3 Champ starting list?

    First time NM player here, my local club is starting a Dominion campaign in January. I've given the compiled rules and HoI book a run through, and it seems there used to be a rule of 'max 2 champs' when starting, that is no longer the case. With that in mind some of the 'starter gang' posts here...
  2. D

    N18 Thoughts on which list for my first gang? (Orlock)

    I'm just getting started in my dive into Necromunda and I'm jumping in with House Orlock. My roster for the Iron Eights can be found here and I also have a second potential roster for house Orlock that makes some shifts. The first list is a bit more focused on heavy firepower, with the leader...